Charlotte Checkers fall to San Antonio Rampage 5-2.

It’s been a rough week for Charlotte sports… The Checkers are in the midst of one of one of their longest losing streaks (and lost three games alone this weekend, including tonight). And the Panthers… well, let’s not talk about that.

The good news is regardless of the final score, Charlotte played a pretty good game tonight. Their defensive play was greatly improved (maybe the extra attention from Glen Wesley in Coach Morris’ absence is paying off). The team got a plethora of shots on goal (unfortunately, only two went in despite 11 power play opportunities).

Highlights of the game include:

  • A terrific performance by the Checkers defense (yes, despite allowing 4 goals (I’m not counting the empty netter).
  • MacIntyre had a strong third period in relief of Altshuller.
  • The Checkers had a lot of energy and hustle. There is a lot of hockey left this season, and the good guys are still locked in a strong playoff position.
  • Ice is slippery. On two occasions Rampage players ran into each other and crashed to the ice. The second crash involved San Antonio’s goaltender who was taken out after the whistle blew by his own teammate. It was gif worthy, and the Checkers responded with an amusing gif of the crash and burn.
  • Coach Geordie Kinnear did a great job filling in for Mark Morris, who missed his second straight game to injury. It was great seeing Glen Wesley fill in as an assistant coach and mentoring Charlotte’s young defensemen.





Sorry for the brevity of this post. It’s been one hell of a month for me. Work is insane. (Shameless plug: Come see Innovative Works at Charlotte Ballet… it got a rave review here: Usually I’m the writer. I’m not used to being written about… ).

I also realized that today is the sixth anniversary of Chasing Checkers. Wow. Six years!


I’m really excited about watching the good guys finish the season strong.


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