Carolina Panthers win, Charlotte Checkers lose: That sums up Charlotte sports today

I only go to about one Panthers game a year, and this season, it ended up being tonight.  Admittedly, I’m not much of a football fan, but my love of sports and sports fan always sucks me into a game, and today was no exception. The energy at the stadium was electric (despite the rainy, cloud-filled day!), but nothing compares to a good hockey game! I love the speed, the athleticism of the skaters, the excitement of a one goal game and of course, the fact it’s played on a sheet of ice.

That being said, I missed the majority of the Checkers game, so I can’t write a fair recap of the event.  I will, instead, jot down some brief observations, and a few great quotes the coach and players shared after the game.

  • I guess I should start by stating that the Charlotte Checkers lost at home to the Texas Stars 4-1. The Checkers led after the first two periods, but Texas took advantage in the third and scored four (including an empty netter) to decimate the home team.
  • The third period was a tough one to watch as a Checkers fan. Before the holiday break, the Checkers were playing some of the best hockey of their season. They took home five of eight points in the week before Christmas, and beat teams much better than they are (according to the standings, anyway). Tonight’s third period was pretty sloppy. They mishandled the puck, couldn’t control the play, and were just the lesser team on the ice.
  • This was John Muse’s fourth start in a row. Checkers regular Drew MacIntyre spent his holiday break playing for Team Canada in the Spengler Cup, but Muse was confident coming into this stretch. “You know, we practice every day, so it’s not like you sit on the bench and do nothing in between starts,” Muse said, “We both are out there every day doing specific drills to get us ready for when we do play.”
  • Tonight was the first time I’d seen Austin Levi skate in about a year. He’s spent the majority of this season in California, playing for the Stockton Thunder of the ECHL. He got a lot of ice time, and I was impressed with his play after such a long absence from Charlotte. He’s filled out a lot over the past year, and seemed much more confident than the last time he skated for the Checkers.  Coach Jeff Daniels reflected on Levi’s play, “It’s a bit of an adjustment coming in at this level to adapt to the speed.  He [Levi] skates well, he’s a big body. He’s trying to use the body, be physical out there,” Daniels continues, “He’s got good reach. It’s just a matter of making harder plays, faster plays, and reading the situation.”
  • The Checkers, who after an impressing stretch in December had climbed a few spots in the standings, are now tied for 30th place with the Iowa Wild.

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