Despite Drew MacIntyre’s Mr. Miyagi like glove saves, Checkers lose in the shootout to San Antonio

In a game that saw the two most experienced goaltenders to ever play for the Checkers face each other, it was a pretty uneventful matchup until a huge hit by Trevor Carrick led to a pair of fights that changed the momentum of the game for the Checkers.

Checkers rookie Dennis Robertson took on the Rampage’s Garrett Wilson while Kyle Hagel fought Connor Brickley.

Hagel, who as of tonight, took over as the AHL leader in major penalties, was impressed with the physical play of his rookie teammates.

“Dennis Robertson gets in there and just gets the meat tenderizer on that guys face,” Hagel said, “I loved it.”

With momentum and the hometown crowd on the side of the Checkers, a few minutes latelr, Jared Staal fed the puck to Trevor Carrick, who scored a game tying goal, his first as a pro.

Late in the period, Chad LaRose scored his second goal in two nights, and the team’s second power play in as many nights as well.

San Antonio pulled Dan Ellis, and with 17 seconds to go, the Rampage were able to tie the game.

Overtime, as it always seems to be, was a nail biting experience.  Rasmus Rissanen was charged with a tripping penalty, and the Checkers excellent penalty kill combined with Drew MacIntyre’s quick glove kept the home team in the game.

The Checkers and Rampage ended up going into an eight-round shootout, with both goalies stopping nearly every shot.  Finally, Alex Petrovik, the Rampage’s eighth skater, got a puck passed MacIntyre, and the Checkers walked away with a single point.

Charlotte faces San Antonio again on Sunday afternoon.


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