Charlotte Checkers by the numbers: A bunch of reasons they are really awesome. End-of-season edition

Remember when I put together a “Checkers by the Numbers” piece last October?  Well… it was a lot of fun, so why not have a post-regular season edition to tide us all over until the first playoff game later this week!

257,688 – How many people who attended a Charlotte Checkers game this season.  That’s over a quarter of a million!

2163 – The huge number of pucks Checkers goaltenders stopped during the season.

191 – Pucks Checkers goaltenders allowed during the season.

92 – The number of points the Checkers finished the season with.

60 – Over the course of 70 games played for the Checkers, the number of points Chris Terry ended the season with.  He led the team in both goals (25) and assists (35).

48 – The number of different players who skated in a game for the Charlotte Checkers during the 2012-13 season.

44 – The number of shootout attempts the Checkers made this season.  They scored 11 shootout goals, or exactly one-fourth of their attempts.

34 – The number of Checkers who scored a goal during the season.  (and that number is out of 43 skaters and five goalies… and unless you are Martin Brodeur playing against the Hurricanes, it’s pretty unrealistic to expect a goal!)

19 – The number of Charlotte Checkers who suited up for the Carolina Hurricanes this season.  (Muse, Peters, Ellis, Sanguinetti, Faulk, Jordan, Bellemore, Gragnani, Dalpe, Boychuk, Bowman, R. Nash, Brett Sutter, Wallace, Blanchard, Terry, Welsh, Nodl, R. Murphy)

16 – The number of Checkers who played NCAA hockey before turning pro. (Eric Baier, Danny Biega, Zac Dalpe, Sean Dolan, Dan Ellis, Justin Faulk, Justin Krueger, Rob Madore, John Muse, Brendon Nash, Riley Nash, Bobby Raymond, Jeremy Welsh & Brendan Woods).  Two of these, John Muse and Justin Faulk, won NCAA titles, during their college career.

15 – The magic number of wins required by the Checkers in the post-season.

11 – Players who started and finished the regular season with the Charlotte Checkers.

10 – The number of shutouts Checkers goalies were responsible for. (Peters – 6, Ellis – 2, Madore – 2)

8 – The number of game-winning-goals that Chris Terry scored, which is also tied for the league-lead.  If that’s not Terryiffic, I don’t know what is!

8 – The longest game goal-scoring streak by a Charlotte Checker.  Drayson Bowman scored 9 goals over an eight-game period from October 19 through November 4.

8 – On a list of 1-30, where the Checkers stood on the attendance rankings.  Pretty great position, with a per-game average of 6781.

7 – The number of different Checkers who scored during shootouts (11 total goals between Chris Terry, Jerome Samson, Zac Dalpe, Justin Krueger, Brett Sutter, Justin Shugg and David Marshall).

5 –Justin’s who played for the Checkers this year (Soryal, Shugg, Peters, Faulk and Krueger).

5 – The number of goaltenders who played for the Checkers during the regular season. Only one was named Justin.

5 – The number of teams in the South division this year.  Of them, four are in the playoffs. Can you say tough division?

4 – The number of players who wore number 33 throughout the season.  (Andreas Nodl, Casey Pierro-Zabotel, Leigh Salters and Brendan Woods).

4 – The number of shootout goals Jerome Samson scored during the season, out of six attempts. Not too shabby!

4 – The number of first-round draft picks who played for the Checkers this year. Only two (Zach Boychuk and Ryan Murphy) were first-rounders of the Hurricanes.

3 – The number of Checkers who are the sons of current NHL coaches (Darryl Sutter of the LA Kings and dad of Brett; Ralph Krueger of the Edmonton Oilers and dad of Justin; and Bob Woods of the Anaheim Ducks, dad of Brendan).

2 – The number of goaltenders who had points during the game.  Dan Ellis has one assist, and Justin Peters had three.

0 – The number of times Nathan Beasley had to dress for the Checkers despite injuries and last-minute call ups.


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