As a sign at the arena last night said, “We adore Rob Madore”

On Tuesday after the Checkers win over Norfolk, Rob Madore walked out into the group of waiting media members, still wearing his pads and skates, asked us if we had a box for him to stand on.  Though he’s only 5’9”, you’d never guess it from his play on the ice.  In his five appearances during the past week, Madore has quite a record.  He’s 3-1, with a 1.50 GAA and .960 sv%.  He’s faced 173 shots, and only allowed 7 of them.

Madore sat on the sidelines for nearly a month before getting to start a game for the Checkers.  He backed up John Muse, watching the ups and downs of the Checkers.  During that time, Charlotte went 3-5, including two games which took overtime and a shootout to win.  After watching for seven games, Madore got a bit of ice time when he relieved Muse during a March 21 game at Houston.  He held his own, and didn’t allow a single goal, and was rewarded with a start two days later against Texas, which gave him his first AHL win in a 43 save performance.

Madore works hard. He’s spent four years at the University of Vermont, and practices hard.

Jeff Daniels “He competes so hard. If you watch him in practice he doesn’t quit on any shot and gets upset when any puck gets by him.  He’s prepared every game and really stepped up.”

Daniels recognized that Madore’s performance last night was definitely that of a first-star goaltender.

As far as last night’s game was concerned, Daniels had positive things to say about the goaltender.

“Rob Madore was the first star,” Daniels continued, “And the chances we did have, not that there were a lot of them, we were able to capitalize on them.”

After a couple of his games this past week, I had the opportunity to speak to Madore after his wins. And oh my, is he a funny and intelligent guy.

Last night, he faced 44 shots in his first AHL shutout.  He had a huge smile on his face, and had been awarded the well-deserved first-star honors.

“At this point in the year it’s not about personal stuff. We need wins, we need to get in the playoffs, so you know, however we get it, I’ll take it,” With a bit of a gleam in his eye, Madore continued, “Obviously, not letting any goals is fun though.”

When I asked him what his personal record was in regards to shots faced, and he said 77.

So I guess 44 is easy, right Rob?

“Yeah, 44 is an easy night,” With a huge grin on his face, Madore continued, “I actually had to have the guys spray me down with water in between breaks so it looked like I was doing something”

He also alluded to feeling like it wasn’t his best night. He knows what he needs to work on, such as giving up fewer rebounds, and plans to concentrate on that in practice. (And if that wasn’t his best night, can you imagine what awesomeness there is to come from our netminder??!?!??!?)

It’s a great feeling to have a confident, skilled goaltender between the pipes in Charlotte, and another waiting patiently in the wings if he’s needed.  The Charlotte Checkers are lucky to have such a great roster of goaltenders, and I can’t wait to see more of Rob Madore on the ice.  The sign I saw in the stands on Saturday in Charlotte says it all, “WE ADORE ROB MADORE.”


Let’s Go Checkers




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