Checkers, Barons and Bieber, oh my!

Apparently I’m on a numbers kick…. Yesterday, the Checkers published a piece I wrote for them with a lot of biographical stuff about me by the numbers


So in keeping with the theme of numbers…. Here are a few more.

7 – According to Paul Branecky, The number of hours the Checkers have to spend in a bus to get to Houston from OKC on Saturday night.

8 – The magical number of days left until the NHL season begins.  (Only 96 days late, but who’s counting!)

45 – The number of points the Checkers amassed during the NHL lockout.  With barely more than half of the season left, if the Checkers can get 45 more (and a few to spare), the playoffs should be a lock.

11 – The number of days until superstar Justin Bieber plays at the Time Warner Cable Arena on January 22, home of the most awesome team in the AHL, the Charlotte Checkers.  Bieber, as you know, is a huge hockey fan.  I believe that the Checkers should get him a personalized Biebs jersey with his favorite number, 6, and maybe even give him a PTO…. Come on, think about the publicity it would generate!!!!!

6 – The number of times this season, so far, the Checkers have played 3-in-3s.  All of them have included road games.  The good news is this is the last until mid-April, when the Checkers play two games at home before flying to Chicago for a third.

1 – Game day twitter list you should follow while listening to the game tonight.  It’s limited to the most in-touch Checkers and Barons media (and me, of course).  If you have suggestions of who to add to it, I’m always open to new voices!

2 – Awesome bloggers you should follow this weekend while the Checkers are in Oklahoma City.  Neil at Tend the Farm and Patricia at Artful Puck are some of the best in the AHL, and always provide insightful coverage of the Barons.


As always, Let’s Go Checkers!


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