Oklahoma City Barons at Charlotte in pictures

Well, there’s not a lot to say about the weekend that hasn’t been said.  In what was possibly the most highly-touted matchup all season, the Checkers got drilled.

Charlotte has an incredible team, but they don’t have nearly the amount of established NHL talent that the Barons do.  The Barons featured two number one draft picks (on the same line) and countless first rounders.  An entire defensive pairing and top forward line are true NHL players, whereas Charlotte has one guy who stuck in the NHL last year, and a handful of scrappy hopefuls who are on the cusp, but haven’t yet made the full-time jump to the big leagues.

Saturday’s game was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.  Zac Dalpe was on fire.  The Checkers were aggressive, and played a great game despite the loss.

But on Sunday, they came out flat. Dan Ellis seemed shaky from the drop of the puck, but then again, he didn’t exactly have a willing team in front of him, and the pucks were fired at him incessantly all afternoon.  Justin Faulk was a -5, and seemed to have other things on his mind, like visiting his apartment in Raleigh, which he tweeted about last night (sometimes I hate social media… it just confirms my theories, like when a player wants to be anywhere but where he is.  But I digress.)

I continue to wish the Checkers we saw at home as the same fierce team they are on the road.

I actually wrote a lot more than I planned… this was supposed to be a photoblog… so without further adieu, the pictures!

In the Charlotte Checkers 4-2 loss to the Oklahoma City Barons, Zac Dalpe shoots… (Photo – J. Propst)











Another near miss by the Charlotte Checkers… uggh! (Photo – J. Propst)










This is the face Yann Danis makes when he’s scored on by Zac Dalpe. (Photo – J. Propst)















This one is for his fan club president, Nate Beasley. The great Tim Wallace and Taylor Hall, who has not said very nice things about AHL hockey fans in Oklahoma City. (Photo – J. Propst)













PING! OKC Baron Yann Danis should thank the goalpoast for this save. (Photo – J. Propst)












If you want to see more photos, you’ll have to check them out on my personal flickr page.


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