Checkers game day Twitter list

So last night, I was working an event behind a lighting console and being incredibly unprofessional and not paying attention to it, but instead refreshing my twitter feed on my iPad constantly to attempt to follow the Checkers game in Houston.

And I was overwhelmed.  Because frankly, I follow too many awesome hockey people on twitter.  I was getting play by plays about the IceHogs, Wolves, Bulldogs, Falcons, etc., but all I was REALLY interested in was the Charlotte Checkers game.

So I decided I needed to create a game-day list.  I debated creating one per team, but I don’t have the time or patience to keep 29 lists up.  Instead, I’ll edit this on game day with crucial people to follow on the away team, and keep the same list of Checkers people on there.  That way, you only have to follow ONE list that’s members change instead of 29.

And this is where my awesome readers come in.  Who else would you like to see on a list like this, assuming you are interested in “following” it and adding it to a TweetDeck column or whatever.  Would you like to see other Checkers fans included on the list?  There are SO MANY on Twitter, so I’m not sure where I’d begin in choosing them, but would that be a good thing, or should I leave it strictly to the more official team twitter users?

Is this whole thing a waste of time?  What do you think?  I’d love your input.


Here is the initial list.  It’s small… some teams I have more contacts for, so those will be longer.  I didn’t include players or Checkers front office beyond the media guys, but may go back and do that.


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