Summer Vacation Homework: Flat Checkers

So, unfortunately for Checkers fans, summer vacation started WAY too early, and I still haven’t gotten over it (ask me about the pages of statistics I analyzed in recent weeks, and the essay I want to write about why I DO NOT LIKE the AHL’s new schedule format that eliminated four-in-fives, and only allows for a three-in-three, because I am convinced this change is a huge part of why this year’s Charlotte team faltered… an easier schedule facilitated too much down time, and goofing off, lack of focus, etc., thereby affecting the on-ice performance.  But I digress).

Since it’s vacation time, and I’m about to embark on my first-mini vacay of the summer, I thought having a small prop for vacation photos would be a lot of fun.  In years past, my world traveling hand-knit gnomes were used, but I want something new.

Flat Murph

So… enter the Flat Checkers.  If you know any elementary school-aged kids, you’ve probably heard of Flat Stanley, a series of books that date to the 1960’s about a young boy who is squished flat in his sleep, which enables him to see the world as a flat, paper thin boy who can be mailed, slip under doorways, etc.

I think Flat Stanley is pretty awesome, and what better adaption of him than in the form of a Flat Checker, small and flexible enough to fit in your carry on luggage, in the glove box of your Honda Accord (as the case may be for me!) or in an Envelope mailed to Africa!

I’ve created three print-at-home Flat Checkers, and am more than happy to create more if there are players you really want to see transformed into flat versions, just drop me a line and I am more than happy to oblige!  Just click on the names, and you can save and print them at home.

My personal collection of Flat Checkers will be visiting Banff, and sites all over Alberta, Canada this summer, and I can’t wait to share the photos of them!


FlatMurph  FlatMJ  FlatNash


Enjoy, and happy travels!  If you tweet pics of your FlatCheckers on your travels this summer, I’ll share them!



One thought on “Summer Vacation Homework: Flat Checkers

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