Charlotte Checkers Paper Plate Awards – Part Two

If you missed the first half, check them out here.

Submit your suggestions for the readers choice awards!  Sean Dolan, Mathieu Roy and Zach Boychuk all need awards!

2 – Rasmus Rissanen – Alliteration Award – Rissanen is a guy who I wasn’t even sure would make the AHL squad out of camp, when the defensive jobs Hurricanes-wide were at a premium, but he did, and alongside his d-partner Justin Krueger, became one of the most effective and important blue liners. Rissanen played his position well, and was a hugely reliable asset to the team.  I can’t wait to see him return in his sophomore season, because great things are going to come from this young man!

11 – Zach Boychuk – READERS CHOICE.  He was an offensive leader, and probably holder of the chirpiest mouth on the team.  There are all kinds of possibilities for this guy.  Submit them in the comments!

14 – Chris Durno- #Beauty Award  – Durno’s a solid vet, and his experience really helped a young Checkers squad. He’s looks a bit like Jack from LOST, and someone whom I don’t think any ladies would mind being stuck on a desert island with. But in all seriousness, considering he was sidelined with a pretty nasty concussion for a significant chunk of the season, Durno was a huge contributor to the team, and was the only regular forward without an awful plus/minus rating.

18 – Justin Soryal – Sweet and Sour Heavy Hitter –  Toughest guy on the ice, softest guy off. Biz with 50% less Nasty.  This is a guy I’d welcome back to the Checkers with open arms.  Best of luck with your recovery, Sorzy!

22 – Jared Staal- The Milkman’s Son Award – On a team full of players who share the gene pool with superstar dads, brothers and cousins, at times Jared makes you wonder if he really is related to the other Stanley Cup winners in his family.

22 – Brody Sutter – Biggest Fangirl – This guy tweets more about the teams he loves (Blue Jays) and hates (Canucks) more than any guy I know. His extreme disdain for the Vancouver Canucks makes me wonder if he has a secret centerfold poster of the Sedin’s under his pillow.

24 – Justin Shugg – WebMD award – This guy had no luck on the injury front. He missed nearly a month for cutting himself with his own skate during December, but when he was on the ice, he always gave it his all.  I can’t wait to see return for his sophomore season next year!

27 – Drayson Bowman – The Cavalry – Much like the horseback riding militia that galloped in at the end of a battle, Bowman did just that for the last couple of weeks of the regular season after becoming a regular in the Hurricanes lineup.  He had four points in his last seven games, and 26 points during his 42-game AHL season.

29 – Michal Jordan – The Stand Up Award – Stand up comedian, or stand up guy?  I tend to believe he’s each of those.  MJ is a fan favorite for his performance on the ice, and the wide array of funny sayings he’s well known for.

31 – Mike Murphy – One For the Record Books or, the NHL’s Most Graceful Loser –  In his first NHL start this year in Winnipeg, Mike Murphy stopped every shot he faced, and ended the game with a 1.00 SV% and 0 GAA, yet he still ended the game as the losing goaltender on the stat sheet due to an empty net goal scored by the Jets.  If that’s not an odd stat for the record books, I don’t know what is.  This season, Murph continued to be a character guy on and off the ice, and one of the most kind, caring and compassionate athletes I’ve had the privilege to know.

34 – Brett Bellemore – The Clark Kent – You know how Clark Kent was just an average looking guy, with a regular job and a regular girl, but then he’d go into a phone booth, switch into his uniform and BAM!  Superman, with super powers, and all-around awesomeness.  That’s kind of like Belle.  He might look like one of the guys, but put him in his Checkers gear, and he transforms into a superhero.


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