Clear Day Rosters – 2012 edition

The AHL announced Clear Day rosters today.  Each team was allowed to list 22 players (generally 20 skaters and two goaltenders) who are eligible to play in the remaining regular season games, and the Calder Cup playoffs.

The Clear Day policy is full of loopholes and special circumstances though, all of which benefit the teams.  Clear Day lists do not include potential Junior and NCAA players who may join the AHL squad at the conclusion of their respective seasons, as Justin Faulk and Rasmus Rissanen did in 2011.  Additionally, there is also a residency list of players that can be used in the case of injury and call-ups to NHL squads by the 22 clear day roster players.

Yesterday, in advance of the Clear Day announcements, the Checkers “loaned” Jared Staal to the Providence Bruins for the remainder of the season.  His rights still belong to Carolina, and the Checkers received nothing in return for Staal, who is in the second year of his three-year entry level contract. Based on the roster in Charlotte, it’s highly unlikely that he would have made the clear day “cut”, especially considering players such as Sean Dolan, who was initially signed to a try-out contract out of the ECHL, and Justin Shugg who started the season in Florida have out performed youngest Staal.

For the full clear day roster, and a great explanation of the process, check out Paul Branecky’s piece.

The most interesting names on the Checkers Clear Day roster include Jerome Samson and Drayson Bowman, both of whom are currently recalled by the Hurricanes.  Also, Sean Dolan made the cut, which is an impressive and well-deserved accomplishment.

Also on the Clear Day list include injured defensemen Justin Krueger and Rasmus Rissanen, and forward Riley Nash.

Potential end-of-season additions to the Checkers include the following Hurricanes prospects, who can all join the AHL team once their NCAA or Junior season has concluded (this is just a few of them, there are many more I could list!):

Austin Levi – An American-born defenseman who is currently playing for the Plymouth Whalers, Levi turned 20 last month and will be trying to make the Hurricanes roster next fall out of camp.  The Whalers have clinched first in their division, and could have a long playoff run ahead of them.

Ryan Murphy – The Hurricane’s first-round pick in 2011, Murphy almost made the NHL out of camp.  He currently plays for the Kitchener Rangers.  While he is still 18 (until the end of the month), at the conclusion of his playoffs in the OHL, he could join the Checkers for the Calder Cup playoffs.

Brian Dumoulin Dumoulin is in the final semester of his Junior year at Boston College, a school that makes it to the Frozen Four what seems like almost every year.  Another Defenseman, the Hurricanes have high hopes for this Maine native.

Brody Sutter – Because two Sutters in the Hurricanes organization aren’t enough, they drafted Brody in the 7th round in 2011.  Should this centerman come to the Checkers following his season in Lethbridge, he will join his first cousin and team captain, Brett Sutter.


4 thoughts on “Clear Day Rosters – 2012 edition

  1. I was a little surprised to see Soryal and not Sugg on the clear day list. I cannot see Soryal really playing any due to the fact Blanchard can mix it up if needed and the fights go down to almost nothing during the playoffs.
    The other forward scratch will be interesting, thinking it will come from the group of Jenks, Pistilli and Durno. Maybe a rotation of players?
    Glad Staal is going to get a look elsewhere maybe clearing his head in another org for the rest of the season will help him it will be tought for the P-Bruins to make the playoffs though.

    1. good point about Soryal vs Shugg. All I can figure is maybe Soryal is being rewarded as a member of the AHL roster all season? I would have rather seen Shugg, and enforcer types have less of a role during playoffs. Heck, Fitzgerald barely played in the playoffs last year. I foresee the Checkers getting a handful of players from major junior and/or NCAA and wouldn’t be surprised if Soryal is scratched for them.

      I also have no idea how far guys like Krueger and Rissanen are from returning. I definitely miss them. They are some of the most defensively responsible guys we have.

      I hope we get a changed man in Jared next year…

      1. I agree with you on Soryal. Enforcers really don’t play that much in the playoffs. Like you said Fitzy was a scratch most of the playoffs last year. You just can’t afford to have use a scoring slot on somene that doesn’t do it that often. I know that Kruger had a soft cast on his hand last time I saw him at pink in the rink. I hope that he can make it back becuse even though he doesn’t have “flow” he is a good D-man

      2. I really hope Krueger is back sooner than later, but broken hands are tricky! And you are right, he’s lacking the flow, but he has nice blond curls that should be counted for something, right? Haha.

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