Checkers Dominate Barons 6-2

Editor’s Note:  Thanks again for the write-up, Allan.  I had to be a lighting designer for the night, for a fantastic show, but I would have rather been at a hockey game!  I hope tonight’s game has a huge turnout!  Pink in the Rink is ALWAYS a favorite of mine, and one of the best causes the Checkers support!  Let’s Go Checkers!

Well I for one was glad to be able and sit back and watch the home team hand it to the visitor.  Those have been few and far between this year at TWC arena.  Let’s start with what little bad happened in the game.

1. On their first PP the Checkers gave up a 2-1 shorthanded break which Muse got beat on bad but the post came to the rescue, could have been a totally different game if that had gone in during the first period.

2. Rasmus Rissanen got tripped into the boards during the first period and did not return–he reappeared in the third with the rest of the injured Checkers wearing a sling on his right arm.  NOT GOOD–my guess is Ryan Donald will be coming back up from Florida for tomorrow’s game, he did not play in Florida’s loss tonight.  If not Donald I guess someone else will be brought up in short order on a PTO.

3. I do not know what happens in between the 2nd and 3rd period but the Checkers came out flat again in the 3rd.  Luckily they had a 5-0 lead because they gave up 2 goals in 4 minutes to start the period and looked like they had no interest in playing hard like they had for the first 40 minutes.

Anyway enough bad now the good:

1. The PK was great again, they killed all 3 penalties fairly easily and even got a good run at a short-handed goal.

2. A.J. Jenks was a beast on the second PP unit.  He just forced in his first goal and had a great deflection on his second.  Wish he would have got a little more time in the 3rd period to try to get a hat trick but all in all he is looking like a steal as a throw-in in the Matsy trade.

3. Justin Shugg made a great play on the breakaway he got in the 3rd period which finally put the game away.  His goal came right after OKC’s second goal in the third and shifted everything back towards the Checkers.

4. Matt Pistilli was all over the place in the first period and came close to putting in 2 goals himself.  Great energy all night and 2 well deserved assists.

5. Zach Boychuk played a very good two-way game tonight and put a perfect pass onto Sutter’s stick for a goal right after he came out of the penalty box ona 2-1 break that finished the night for OKC’s starting goalie.

6. The PP looked good–they did a good job as a team of holding the puck in and got a lot of traffic in fron of the goalie.

7. Muse overall did a good job of rebound control and besides a few shaky moments in the 3rd period looked like his old reliable self.

Big win over a very good team and with all the hits, boarding, and fights tonight the season finale between these teams tomorrow evening should be a great game. No love lost between these teams.


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