Valentines Day – Chasing Checkers style

Check out Puck Daddy’s post for NHL-themed hearts. I wrote these yesterday, and they aren’t AS funny, but being Checkers-centered makes them awesome in my book! -CC

Despite the fact I was incredibly disappointed on Sunday at the lack of pink autographed pucks being sold for charity, I can’t help but get in the holiday spirit, Checkers style.

My favorite valentine’s candy are definitely conversation hearts.  Probably less because of the flavor, and more because they are funny, and fun to give.  I’ve been known to make personalized ones on more than one occasion (even though sharpie marker makes them inedible), so I figured why not bring everyone some enjoyment out of special Checkers themed conversation hearts?

At the game on Sunday, there was much discussion among a group of my friends about what special heart we’d give different players on the team.  So here you go!

HONEY BADGER – This of course would be for defenseman and all-around awesome guy Michal Jordan.  He’s feisty and determined just like our beloved friend, the honey badger.  Honey badger don’t care!

O CPT MY CPT – Brett Sutter has been an incredible leader on and off the ice, and is certainly deserving of this special heart!

SAVE ME – Mike Murphy.  Number one in the goal crease, and number one in our hearts!

ICH WILL DICH KUSSEN – Excuse my bad German, but this flirty heart goes to none other than Justin Krueger.

RAP STAR – OK, he doesn’t ACTUALLY rap, and nor do I know if he even appreciates the musical form, but Joe Sova is deserving of this one, especially with such an awesome rap written in his honor by Tess and Haley.

TOOTH FAIRY – Poor Zach Boychuk… this guy has had more problems with losing teeth and having his mouth smashed up, he deserves a bit of Valentine’s cheer, eh?

AMUSE ME – John Muse is quite the interesting follow on Twitter, and loves to chirp just about everyone.

BABY FACE – Rasmus Rissanen?  Zac Dalpe? Drayson Bowman?  How do we pick just one?

FLOW – This was a tough one… do you give it to AJ Jenks, or Matt Pistilli?  Both have amazing flow… maybe our box of Conversation hearts will have some duplicates.

FRENCH KISS – Ahh, but to pick just one recepient…. Mathieu Roy?  Nic Blanchard? Jerome Samson? Matt Pistilli? The Checkers are loaded with French-Canadian talent!

ALL STAR – Chris Terry.  In Charlotte.  In the AHL All-Star Classic.  He’s a star everywhere he goes!

DRP THE GLVS – Justin Soryal equally deserves this one, or “TAKE ME 2 THE SIN BIN.”  My guess is plenty of ladies would love to follow him there.

POWER PLAY – I can’t think of a more deserving candidate than Bobby Sanguinetti.  That guy is a beast on the power play!


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