Trade Analysis: Dadonov and Jenks – A San Antonio Perspective

I had the chance to talk to Nate over at Runnin with the Herd, and he answered a few questions about newly acquired Checkers Evgenii Dadonov and AJ Jenks.

In a nutshell?  This trade can be a huge boost to the Hurricanes organization.  It was a trade with risks… I’ve been told that Evgenii Dadonov requested to be traded, but that is usually a good thing for the receiving team.  He wants a fresh start, and will probably do everything in his potential to prove his worth.  The same goes for AJ Jenks (The A stands for Arthur, by the way, and there are no periods between the A and the J, or after the J, either).  He has spent time in the ECHL this year, and wants to be with the big club.  A new start is perfect for that, plus he’s coming to a squad in Charlotte with familiar faces (Michal Jordan, Chris Terry and Brett Bellemore) from his days in the OHL in Plymouth.  I look forward to seeing our new faces next week when the team returns to Charlotte.

1.  Evgenii Dadonov has some pretty respectable numbers.  It’s his third season playing in North America, and he’s split time between the NHL and AHL this year, and was an NHL All-Star last season.  What kind of player is he? How has adjusted to North American hockey? 

He was sent to SA initially and received a callup in the first month and underperformed in his short stint in the NHL this season.  As far as skill, it’s there. Dadonov is a very good skater with a good shot. Not much of a defensive player. He’s a skilled guy.  With the Panthers off season moves, his chance to make the NHL squad was lessened, and this has been a struggle.  If the slate is truly clean in Carolina, and he gets a chance with the Canes, he could be a great pickup.


2. If he’d continued in the Florida system for this season, where do you think Dadanov would have spent most of his time playing?
He would have finished in the AHL this season. He got a call up earlier in the season and didn’t contribute much. Consequently, he fell down the pecking order quite a bit, seeing Bill Thomas (who was on an AHL deal) signed to a two way NHL deal and called up when the Panthers needed four bodies to cover injuries.
3.  So… AJ Jenks.  From what I see, he’s an American kid from Detroit who won a gold medal with Team USA in 2010, so clearly, he’s got some talent, but the deeper I dig into his statistics, the more perplexed I get.  He played the full season in the AHL with Rochester last year, but this season has split time between the ECHL and AHL in San Antonio.  He’s yet to register a point this year at the AHL level, and is a -7.  What can you tell Charlotte Checkers fans about him, his potential, and what to expect from him?
Jenks…sigh. So much skill and no idea what to do with it. You can see flashes of brilliance, then he’ll turn the puck over or get knocked off the puck with a glance. He also seemed very disinterested in being anywhere near San Antonio. I think he was probably disappointed to be sent to the ECHL after camp and it infected his overall attitude about the organization. Another good skater, but that’s about all I have seen from him. Decent forechecker but, this season at least, he avoided contact at alol costs. Huge dissapointment for me personally as everything I read about him said he was the type of player I would like. i.e hard working, grinder.
4.  If AJ had spent the rest of the season in the Panthers organization, where do you think he would have spent most of his time playing? 
He was in the bottom three in San Antonio and would have been one of the next players shipped to Cinci should the Rampage get any forwards back from Florida.
Thanks so much to Nate in San Antonio for his words of wisdom!
Let’s Go Checkers

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