Checkers lose 5-2 in Rosemont to the Wolves

  • After mentioning in my pregame piece that Mike Mancari, the Wolves leading scorer, had yet to appear (and therefore register a point) against the Checkers, he had to go and score the first two of the game, and got a third point in the form of an assist.  I really hope I didn’t jinx the Checkers for that one!
  • The Checkers looked lost out there for most of the first two periods.  Official gamesheet is HERE, and it’s not pretty.
  • The injuries to key guys like Chris Durno, Riley Nash and Justin Shugg hurt the forward lines a great deal.  Mathieu Roy’s absence hurts, but the team has been fortunate with Derek Joslin’s presence to fill in lately.  He’s a guy I will miss when he returns to Raleigh.
  • In case you were wondering, AHL Live is the biggest joke of a product when you have to use it to watch Checkers games.  Tonight was the first time I had to see a game in Chicago online, and disgust is putting it mildly.  They have a single camera angle, probably operated by an intern, that sits in press row.  Every time a media person walked behind the camera, the whole thing shakes because of the rickety platform everyone sits on.  The audio feed was at such a low level, I couldn’t hear Jason Shaya and gave up on video in favor of his audio alone on the radio.  It was the best decision I’ve ever made!  What is frustrating is the Wolves broadcast EVERY SINGLE GAME in Chicago, but do viewers online who subscribe to AHLLive get that feed?  Of course not.  We get the shaky lo-res home video camera from the upper deck.
  • With their fifth shorthanded goal of the year (Thank you, Zac Dalpe!) the Checkers are now tied for fourth in shorties in the AHL.
  • After a couple of weeks of shaking up the defensive pairings, things on the blue line have been consistent for the last three games or so.  Bellemore-Jordan, Krueger-Rissanen and Joslin-Sanguinetti.
  • Eddie Lack made some incredible saves throughout the course of the game. He’s a REALLY fantastic goaltender, who will probably be a number one in the NHL one day.  Having two great goaltenders and an easy travel schedule even during a three-in-three weekend is definitely a benefit that Chicago has with it’s central location in the Midwest division.
  • Last night’s game in Milwaukee was won during the third period with stellar play by the Checkers.  With a last-minute goal in the second by Zac Dalpe, and a second goal by Nicolas Blanchard early in the third, I had high hopes that the Checkers would become a third period team once again. That wasn’t to happen, and the Wolves offense proved to be too much for the Checkers.  The third was a very back-and-forth contest, with countless offensive rushes, but they didn’t amount to anything for Charlotte.
  • The Checkers, as a whole, didn’t do a good job controlling rebounds offensively or defensively, and also lacked the ability to make good second chances turn into goals.
  • While the score was 5-2 on the scoresheet, it was a much closer game than that.  Emotions got too high late in the third, the team got sloppy and that resulted in the final goal, an empty netter.  Regardless, this is a game that Charlotte could have and should have won, and at times, was pretty disappointing to watch.
  • The Checkers return home tomorrow morning on a couple of early flights (I hate it that they never fly direct to Charlotte!  Layovers in Dallas have got to be old by now!).  The team has a four-game home stand coming up, which will be nice to players and fans alike.

Let’s Go Checkers



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