Shamless plug – Checkers gameday, with no actual gameday coverage…

No game preview today.  All I have to say is that if the Checkers are on their game, this could be an INCREDIBLY tough matchup between Charlotte and Oklahoma City, who leads the AHL with 41 points, and who’s current lineup includes hotshot Oilers prospect Magnus Paajarvi.


All of the pastors wore red. I'd like to say it was because they are huge Checkers fans, but I'm pretty sure it's really a liturgical thing. Regardless, I like the color a lot.

I spent the day yesterday (and finally left VERY early this morning so I could get to work on time!) celebrating with my family and friends as we witnessed my brother’s Ordination as a pastor.  Pretty proud of my little brother, and the next great adventure he’s about to go on, as he and his wife move to Madagasgar, Africa, where he will serve as a Pastor and Coordinator for the youth volunteer program of Lutheran Global Missions.  I’d say that’s a pretty good reason why I didn’t have time to research the Barons.


The most important thing about today?  Cheer loud, and support our great team.  Let’s Go Checkers!


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