Postgame: Charlotte Checkers win 3-2!

Quick thoughts and observations, some more general to the team/players than in response to this specific game.

  • That was quite a game, and quite a win by the Charlotte Checkers tonight!
  • The Checkers played a full 60-minutes tonight.  This is a VERY nice change from some recent contests.
  • Milwaukee is an insanely good team.  The Checkers face them six more times this year (including tomorrow) and I wouldn’t be surprised at an additional four-to-seven games in the playoffs come April/May.
  • Until tonight, the Admirals hadn’t had a road game without at least one point since January 23.  That is just…. amazing.  What’s even better is the Checkers ended that streak with a regulation win.
  • Special teams continue to be a weakness of the Checkers.  They only scored once in 7 power play opportunities (including an extensive 5-on-3 chance).  The Admirals, on the other hand, were successful twice in six PP opportunities.
  • Sometimes I hate statistics and the emphasis placed on numbers, which don’t tell the whole story.  Everyone wants to see a bunch of goals on the score sheet, but when I think of best-all-around player on the Checkers, I don’t think of the most shots-on-goal, or the most actual goals tells the whole story.  I think of a guy like Chris Terry, who can kill penalties.  He can make plays.  He’s a beast on the power play, and even stength.  He’s the kind of player you win games with.  That being said, CT had a great game, and fantastic goal in the second.
  • On the subject of statistics not telling the whole story, I love the way Mike Murphy plays.  Tonight, I joked on Twitter that there aren’t enough synonyms of AWESOME to describe Murph.  He makes these amazing saves, time and time again, that are textbook examples of awesome.  He stops shots, and prevents rebound opportunities for the opposing teams.  He has more control of the puck in all situations, and instills a level of confidence in his teammates and fans (this one, anyway!)
  • I had forgotten how much Chubby’s jersey annoys me.  It’s a jersey foul with the NY Rangers font on the back!  Two seasons worth of jersey fouls in the book with that one (Wilson’s jersey is also a foul, while we’re keeping score)… Fortunately, Chubby wasn’t wearing the checkerboard shorts so I don’t have to vent about that.  Oh wait, I just did!
  • This is the first home game I’d had to listen to on the radio in quite some time.  Chris Jablonski and his color commentating have come a long way since October 15.  He definitely knows his stuff, and can read a play very well.  I think he’ll become quite a nice edition to Jason Shaya’s call of the game, he just needs more time and practice, but the only way to get there is more games, which he’s getting.  I do wish there would be a greater emphasis on “color” and less reiterating the play-by-play… then again, I’m a big fan of weird facts that color guys usually provide.

Let’s Go Checkers! 


2 thoughts on “Postgame: Charlotte Checkers win 3-2!

  1. Both speical team units for the Checkers were nothing to write home about:

    Boychuck’s goal came more from the D-man getting a piece of it and that put Jeremy Smith out of position. Though the speed/power move Boychuck put on to make that happen was awesome. They really need Sanguinetti back on the PP not having a more offensive D-man really shows up on a lot of their PP chances. The 5 on 3 was horrible to watch lots of slow passes and no one shooting. The Admirals did the exact opposite on their 5 on 3 sucked the D in and pumped a couple quick passes that made for an easy goal.

    The PK unit did a ton of standing around especially on the first goal they gave up, the Admirals fore-checked real well it killed the Checkers PK unit. Also quite a few bad decisions almost cost them–one was where Blanchard got the puck but instead of flipping it out took it back behind the net right into an Admirals player, turnover–and no line change for the PK.

    Boychuck and Samson looked great in the game and I’m at a continued loss as to why the Canes (Maurice) does not have Zach on the second line and Samson on the fourth? Checkers gain is the Canes loss.

    Murphy and J. Smith were both great in net tonight. Murphy wandered out of the crease a few too many times to make plays on the puck but controlled every rebound and both goals were more on the PK unit. J. Smith was exceptional–first goal was a little flukey, seoncd goal was totally on his team for turning it over—but he did make a mistake on the game winner spitting out rebounds and Boychuck pounced on it.

    Two very good teams and I hope the Checkers come out with the same intensity they showed in the first 10 minutes of last nights game and keep it up for the full 60.

    1. I was consistently impressed by Milwaukee… they have a REALLY great squad. Today’s game, what little I saw of it, seemed like a very different squad out there. The Admirals seemed tired, and the two early goals seemed to shake the entire team, not just the goaltenders. I’m just glad the Checkers were able to capitalize on it.

      Thanks again for your fantastic observations! I only get to see one game in person between now and mid-December in person, so it’s great to have your thoughts to think about!

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