Checkers at Oklahoma City – A Photoblog

Two posts in one day!  If I actually do a post-gamer tonight, maybe I can make it three?  (Doubtful… don’t want to overload anyone with my unedited writing and opinionated prose!)


Thanks once again to Candace Riley at A New Ice Age for taking another fantastic set of pictures at last night’s (unfortunate) loss in Oklahoma City.  I suppose I will be trying to return the favor for her by bringing my camera to the OKC games in Charlotte next month.

So, without further adieu…

Michal Jordan smiles for the camera during warm ups. He's still working on his Movember look, but it's getting there. (Photo - C. Riley)




"Hey, how'd that get don there..." Jerome Samson and Ryan Lowery (Photo - C. Riley)


More after the jump…

Justin Soryal and Triston Grant make it two-for-two in fights... let's see if they continue the streak to three tonight. (Photo - C. Riley)




Matt Pistilli has an incredible 'stache. (Photo - C. Riley)


Jon Matsumoto gets in front of the crease, and OKC goalie Yann Danis (Photo - C. Riley)


Chris Vandevelde battles Justin Faulk for the puck. (Photo - C. Riley)

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