Photoblog: Charlotte at Oklahoma City in pictures

Candace Riley at A New Ice Age has a huge gift for  Chasing Checkers readers, which comes in the form of fantastic game photos from Friday night’s game in Oklahoma City.  The following photos are just a few of the ones she took at the Checkers game.  You can follow her on twitter at @SoonerPenguin on Twitter.

While Riley is a Barons fan (and we can’t fault her for that, clearly, it is her hometown team!) she was quite impressed with the Checkers.  The two she mentioned to me as particular stand-outs in Red were our own Mike Murphy and Justin Faulk.  I’m not surprised at all that these two in particular made a good impression.

And without further adieu, the pictures!

Justin Soryal drops the gloves. (Photo - C. Riley)
Matt Pistilli scores the game-winning-goal for the Checkers against the Oklahoma City Barons. (Photo - C. Riley)

Mike Murphy makes one of 22 saves during his eventual win. (Photo - C. Riley)


Jeff Krueger with an awesome check, as Jared Staal watches casually from the sidelines. (Photo - C. Riley)


Chris Terry (Photo - C. Riley)


Jerome Samson (Photo - C. Riley)


Brett Bellemore (Photo - C. Riley)

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