Gameday: Charlotte at Houston

 Charlotte at San Antonio:

  • San Antonio proved why they have the worst PK in the AHL by allowing a shorthanded goal by Brett Sutter in the first.  (Not that Checkers fans are complaining!)
  • Chris Terry had a Terryiffic game by following up Sutter’s goal with a Power Play goal in the first, and another goal early in the second.  Terry continues to be one of the most well-rounded players on the team. He plays on the Power Play, Penalty Kill, and is a force to be reckoned with even strength.  All around, he’s a true asset to the team.
  • Mike Murphy.  What can be said other than he’s AMAZING.  He won his fourth straight game, and if he doesn’t get the start tomorrow in Houston, I might begin an “Occupy the goal crease” movement that rivals those on Wall Street and downtown Charlotte.
  • Speaking of Murphy, it is going to be VERY interesting to see what happens when Justin Peters returns from injury.  Murphy has played unbelievably well, and earned the right to start.
  • Can we please keep Justin Shugg?  I like him a lot.  And not just because his name is Justin.  He’s got so much potential!
  • More game notes will be posted tomorrow or Monday from a Chasing Checkers guest reporter who was lucky to get to see the team in San Antonio, AND will be at the game in Houston later today.

 Charlotte (6-2-0-1) at Houston (5-1-0-3)

  • The Checkers and Aeros each lead their own divisions with 13 points a piece.
  • This is the third game in three days for both Charlotte and Houston, and also the third of four games against Houston this season.
  • In their first contests, Charlotte lost one game (when Peters was injured), and won one game in the shootout.
  • Houston lost last night in the shootout vs. Oklahoma City.  They were down 3-0 after the first period, then came back to tie the game in the third, eventually losing in the shootout.  They will definitely be interested in leading from the start later today.
  • Today is the third of four meetings between the Aeros and Checkers.
  • In the first two games against Houston, Jon DiSalvatore, Jeff Taffe and Casey Wellman led the points with two each (1G, 1A).
  • Carson McMillian should make his debut against Charlotte tonight.  During the first two match ups, the Centerman was suspended following a game against San Antonio.
  • Justin Faulk leads the Checkers vs. the Aeros with two points (1G, 1A).
  • Mike Murphy, who is 5-0 in his last five starts, should get the start for Charlotte.

Gametime:  6:05 p.m. EST

Charlotte Radio:  WBCN 1660 AM

Charlotte Twitter: @CheckersHockey@PaulBranecky,
Houston Twitter: @Houston_Aeros@3rdIntermission
Houston Blog:  The Third Intermission
Referees: Tim Mayer (#19), Ian Croft (#87
Linesmen: Fred Hudy (#30), Carl Sasyn (#12)

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