Four Justin’s in Charlotte again! Faulk returns from Hurricanes

Justin Faulk skated with the Carolina Hurricanes for the first three games of the season. (Photo: J. Propst)

Justin Faulk is returning to Charlotte from the Hurricanes.  After playing in the first three games of the season (and registering about 18 minutes a game!), but being a -6, the Hurricanes chose to play other Defenseman instead.

Ryan Murphy, the Hurricanes 2011 first-round draft pick, and the ninth defenseman, was returned to his Kitchener Junior team last week.

Faulk’s return to Charlotte leaves the Hurricanes with seven healthy defenseman, and the Checkers have eight healthy defensemen


Other random thoughts and observations

  • I have said it before, but will say it again, that when it comes to hockey in North Carolina, I’m a Checkers fan first.  With that in mind, I still follow the Hurricanes, especially since they are so closely linked to Charlotte (and with the exception of the occasional game on Versus, the only NHL team I can see on TV at home!)  Last night, I watched the Bruins-Hurricanes game with a special interest since it was Brett Sutter’s first appearance with the team this year.  If you missed the game, wow, you missed a very intense third period.  Captain Sutter was a goal away from a Gordie Howe hat trick after he had an assist on the first goal of the night, and then dropped the gloves with Chris Kelly.  Aside from the obvious fight and point on the score sheet, he had an incredible game.  He was consistently going into the corners, making room in front of the net, and playing a physical, intense kind of hockey.  While Brett Sutter might never score as many goals as his cousin Brandon, or win the Rocket Richard trophy, but he could definitely make his way into a third or fourth line grinder role in the NHL.
  • Speaking of the Boston game…. I kind of wish I could have heard their announcers.  Mostly I think the guys at NESN are tools (I was debating between calling them D-bags, but thought tool was more PC) so I’m sure they said a lot of asinine things.  Close friend to Chasing Checkers observed that the organ played Cee Lo Green’s “F* You” after one of the (many) Boston Penalties.  It is a bit amusing, but also maybe slightly classless.
  • This weekend brings another Western Conference team to Charlotte for the first time, with two games against the Houston Aeros, and one against our foes to the north, the Norfolk Admirals. Should be a fun weekend to be a hockey fan!



7 thoughts on “Four Justin’s in Charlotte again! Faulk returns from Hurricanes

  1. Amazing game last night for sure and it was great to see the Captain playing so well. I really hope he sticks up there in Raleigh although we’ll miss him in Charlotte! Can’t wait for the weekend series with Houston. I’m going through withdrawls during the week with these weekend-only schedule! Thx for the blogs!

  2. I cannot believe Maurice actually used a player in the correct role!!! A couple more games like that and Sutter will be there to stay, at least then the Canes can send Dalpe back down so he can gain actual ice time and get some confidence back. Faulk will do just fine back down the in the AHL–he just made a bunch of rookie mistakes trying to adjust to the speed of the NHL. He has a bright future considering his only Pro experience is the playoffs from last year. This will also be big for the PP unit because now they can run him on one unit and Sanguinetti on the other instead of trying to use 5 forwards. I assume Ryan Donald will be going to Florida. What will be interesting to see is whether Daniels picks one guy as the primary guy to sit or if he will roatate through the D based on what type of team they are playing. Cannot wait for the games this weekend should be a real test for the team playing 3 in row this early in the season.

    1. You are right on with all of this. Sutter played great in that gritty, feisty way you can’t teach a guy to play, they just have to have that in them.

      The five forward thing on the PP makes me crazy, but when you only have one defenseman who can play on the PP, I guess it’s your only option. HOPEFULLY Faulk is able to play there as well, cause we need it.

      I hate I’m missing two of the three games, but work calls. It sucks!

  3. According to the Checkers Website, Faulk’s stay in Charlotte could be as short as “the remake of Charlie’s Angels. Brett Played well on Tuesday.

    1. Weird, right? I need to give you my # so you can text me where the post game gathering is tomorrow. I have to work and can’t make the game but MIGHT be able to get to the post game. I want to hear all about what I’m missing!

  4. Unless they are planning on trading someone I’m lost on carrying 8 D-men and sitting 2 of them every game. Faulk can get big minutes in Charlotte and since he does not have to clear waivers the Canes could easily bring him up if someone got hurt. Right now the Canes D looks good and Joslin has not even played a game. I’m no GM but when I read that press release I was a little confused.

    1. I know, right? The release blew me away. I mean, according to the CBA, the could send Faulk up and down every other game and he’d never have to clear waivers, but is it worth it? Not if he’s going to sit in the press box (CLEARLY the current lines of the Hurricanes are WINNING and shouldn’t be screwed with, which means Faulk won’t get minutes).

      This morning at practice, Faulk looked good and fit in so well with the team. He was leading parts of it, and on the PP. We need him badly, and he could learn a lot in the AHL. Only time will tell. I can’t go to two of the games this weekend, so I’ll be relying on others to tell me what they think! Ha!

      Thanks, as always, for reading.

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