Pregame notes – Peoria at Charlotte






Just a few quick notes before gametime this afternoon:

  • This will be game two of eight against Peoria.  I think we’ve found quite the rival already in the Midwest foes of Peoria (and their obnoxious blogger over at The Rivermen Blog.
  • Mike Murphy is expected to get the start in goal.
  • Like Charlotte, Peoria is rotating goaltenders.  Ben Bishop is expected to start for Peoria.  At 6’7″, he will probably look twice the size of Mr. Murphy.
  • Last night’s game sounds like it was a really intense matchup, and expect more of the same today.  Hopefully, Peoria won’t find a way to score three goals in three minutes, because that was rather repulsive!
  • For the third consecutive game, Ryan Donald and Jared Staal were healthy scratches on Saturday.  Again, I’d expect this trend to continue.
  • Zac Dalpe, who left the game Friday in Buffalo with a lower-body injury, is not skating today with the team.  The Hurricanes next game is Tuesday in Boston, and could recall a player from Charlotte if necessary.
  • Today is MY Checkers opening night. Due to a performance by the always awesome North Carolina Dance Theater, I couldn’t make it to the game. (I can assure you, the dancing I saw at the Knight Theater was spectacular!)  Pretty excited to see the team,and strap on some skates afterwards at the post-game skate.
  • For all in attendance last night, be glad you didn’t have to watch the online feed like I did.  YUCK, YUCK, YUCK.  The quality was terrible, and I think I saw more sponsor graphics  on the jumbotron feed than actual hockey.  Also, I’ve said it before, but I really don’t enjoy Jason Shaya’s call of the game when he has someone doing “color” with him.  The online broadcast never introduced who the color guy was, either, though he was less of a color commentator and more of a secondary play-by-play guy (but WAY less annoying than Tripp Tracey, just for the record!)
Gametime:  3:00 p.m. EST
Charlotte Radio: WBCN 1660 AM
Charlotte Twitter: @CheckersHockey@PaulBranecky,
Peoria Blog: The Rivermen Blog
Referees: Mark Lemelin (#41),  Jason Rollins (#37
Linesmen:  Mark Hamlett (#81), Ben Shiley (#21)

7 thoughts on “Pregame notes – Peoria at Charlotte

  1. It’s Funny on My NHL 12 Game they don’t have the Fully updated Rosters yet, The last update still showed Osala, Herauff, Graham and Lawson on the roster and don’t have Nash, Rissanen, Kruger or Donald, So I have Clyde, playing right wing on my third line With McNicol and Durno. I think that you are spot on with your comments on Sutter, He is not a Flashy “pretty boy” scorer, He is a grinder, Does a lot of things right that the casual hockey fan doesn’t notice. If he is still in Raleigh on Friday do you think that they will give Blanch the “C” or do you think that they will play 3 “A”‘s?

    1. I HOPE nobody else wears the C. I don’t like when someone steps into a “C” for a game or two. To me, the more typical thing is to give someone else an A, and have three of them. I can’t remember what happened the game or two Rodney missed last year…. they could just run with two A’s, or give a third to someone. I, of course, have my vote of who it should be, and his name rhymes with #25.

      I fear that the Hurricanes could keep Sutter if he keeps showing what he did during camp… but we’ll see.

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