Quick Hits: Home opener one day away!

Lots of exciting stuff happening in the world of the Checkers!

  • Yesterday, the team announced that Michael Kahn, the owner and governor of the Checkers, has become an investor and part-owner in the Carolina Hurricanes.  I hope this is a sign for many many more years of the great partnership between Charlotte and Raleigh to continue!
  • How cool is it that the Checkers are in their second week of a GREAT “15 Days of Giving” promotion with area non-profit agencies and organizations around the community.  I love how much our team gives back to the city they are a part of.  I’ve enjoyed seeing tweets and pictures from the different activities team and front office staffers have been helping with.  It makes me want to get out there and volunteer.  I’m slammed with work and school, but I am sure I can find time in my schedule!
  • Wednesday night, Ryan Murphy of the Hurricanes tweeted that he was going back to Kitchener and his OHL club.  After four games in Raleigh, the team decided he was better served developing with his Junior club instead of watching games from the press box.  I totally agree.  At just 18 years old, another year in the OHL will do him wonders.
  • With Ryan Murphy returning to Kitchener, I’ll be paying close attention to Justin Faulk.  The Hurricanes are still carrying eight defenseman on their active roster, and while he get a lot of minutes when he plays, I’m anxious to see if he stays in Raleigh or comes to Charlotte.  He’s the only defenseman with the Hurricanes who would not have to clear waivers to play in the AHL.
  • In case you are looking for a great place to watch an NHL game, and like me, don’t want to spend the money on Center Ice at home (because I’m rarely there!) my favorite bar downtown has the hockey package!  Both Courtyard Hooligans and Valhalla Pub & Eatery have Center ice.  Last night, Hooligans was packed with hockey fans as we watched three different games together.  Quite a fun time! Both pubs are located in the Brevard Courtyard, near Church and 3rd Street.
  • This weekend’s game with Peoria should be exciting.  A bit of a rivalry has formed with the Rivermen Blog, and Mr. Rivermen has some nasty taunting towards our Checkers, and this blog.  I am confident that the Checkers will come out on top!  Pregame notes tomorrow, with post game notes from a new soon-to-be regular contributor.
  • Next week there will also be a new feature that focuses on the Everblades, and the Checkers players currently assigned to the Florida team.  Look for it mid-week from Swamphockey.




A personal note: I was recently criticized for bringing my personal life into Chasing Checkers.  But my passion for the team is a part of who I am, so my personal life will continue to at times make appearance in my posts.  With that in mind, I’ve had a tough week personally and professionally, and obviously, posts here have been less frequent as a result.  This is the busiest time of the year for me at work, and to top it off, a close friend and colleague has been diagnosed with cancer.  Chris is also a budding Checkers fan, having attended quite a few games with me last season.  We have worked hand in hand nearly every day of “my” theater’s two years of existence, and going to work without him there beside me is hard.  But he’s strong, and has a lot of faith, so I know he’ll beat this.  I would like to ask for additional prayers and encouragement, because every little bit helps!


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