Quick Hits- NHL Camp underway, Checkers camp starts Monday!

A few quick hits:

  • At Hurricanes camp yesterday, Justin Soryal (who will most likely be with the Checkers this season, he signed a two-way contract over the summer with the Hurricanes) dropped the gloves with Hurricane-regular Tim Gleason.  People have been wondering who the Checkers will have as their tough guy, and I think it’s pretty clear Soryal’s the man!
  • The Hurricanes have only made one cut to their camp roster so far, sending OHL Goaltender Matt Mahalak back to his team, the Plymouth Whalers.  I would anticipate a big cut on Saturday, following the Friday night game against Nashville, and in anticipation of Checkers camp starting on Monday here in Charlotte.
  • For the best Hurricanes camp coverage, the two best sources are the Hurricane’s Tracking the Storm Blog and of course Canes Country.  
  • Chasing Checkers is heading to Raleigh early Friday morning for Hurricanes practice and the game against the Predators. I’m anxious to see the Hurricanes hopefuls in action, not to mention Nashville is the parent club of the Milwaukee Admirals, a team the Checkers will face eight times this season!
  • Only a few days remain before Charlotte fans have the opportunity to see the Hurricanes in action in OUR house at TWCA!  It’s going to be a fantastic game, and if you haven’t bought tickets, it’s not too late (I convinced four casual fans to call ticketmaster just this morning!)

2 thoughts on “Quick Hits- NHL Camp underway, Checkers camp starts Monday!

  1. Murph is really going to make it hard on Pete-Dawg for top goalie spot. He looked quite impressive Sunday (and the new mask is AWESOME!). While I would love it for Mats to make the big team, his name hasn’t been mentioned, but he’s been a demon out there. He’s fast and furious. He would make a great 4th line center for the Canes, or put him on the wing with Brandon & Rosey. This year is going to be exciting in Raleigh AND Charlotte. Can’t wait to see some games!

    1. I have the utmost confidence in Murphy to be the number one. I haven’t seen Peters play in person, but I can’t help but be biased towards Murph! He’s got so much freaking potential, and gets better every game!

      I can’t wait to see the guys in action on Friday. I’ve heard great things about SO MANY of our Checkers…. Chris Terry, Mats, Brett Sutter…. we’re going to have a fantastic squad if we get to keep them all in Charlotte!

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