Quick Hits: Hurricanes and Checkers camp around the corner, and FANTASY HOCKEY

News is slow on the hockey front these days…. of course, it could just be perception because time is moving slow with training camp and the regular season for the NHL and AHL right around the corner and I for one am ready for it to be here RIGHT NOW!

A few bits and pieces worth mentioning:

  • The Hurricanes training camp opens on September 17 in Raleigh, with a number of practices and events open to the public.
  • In addition to the September 25 game in Charlotte against Winnipeg, the Hurricanes have two home games in Raleigh on September 23 and September 30.  Chasing Checkers plans to attend both of these games and will report back how the prospects and potential Checkers are doing.  Tickets are available for both games.
  • The Checkers open training camp on September 26.  Eight on-ice sessions are open to the public at the Extreme Ice Center in Indian Trail.  Full schedule and presser is available on the Checkers webpage.
  • Three days remain for the “CBS Charlotte’s Most Valuable Blogger” award voting. Please vote!  Click the link on the right side of the page.  You can vote once a day, and THANKFULLY no annoying sign up or registration is required.  One click, and you are done.  If Chasing Checkers wins the “Best Sports Blog” category, I plan to donate the prize (an Amazon giftcard) to a local public school teacher.
  • Who’s planning to make the trip to Norfolk for AHL opening weekend in October?  I’m thinking about making the trek up there myself…
  • A little birdie (OK, it was the guys from Fitzy’s Posse) say that former Checkers tough-guy Zack FitzGerald has received a Training Camp invitation from the Montreal Canadiens.  If it works out for him (and I hope it does!) he could end up with the Hamilton Bulldogs this year.  Yet one more reason I HATE the Checkers don’t play Hamilton this season!
  • Ice is going in NEXT WEEK at the arena downtown. Chasing Checkers will report back on the progress!
  • And finally, last but not least, FANTASY HOCKEY!  @CarolinaKidder, a reader of the blog, runs a league for Checkers Fans and members of THE Checkerboard messageboard, and it seems like the best opportunity out there for fellow AHL fans.  It’s a free league through Yahoo, and hopefully lots of people will join and participate.  I will warn you though, I was the champion of my league in 2011, and plan to continue that trend.  😉   Go HERE to sign up.  Type 19965 in the league ID box.  The password is checkers  Let the smack talking begin!

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