Quick Hits: Off season updates and front-office signings

Let’s start with good things… heck, there aren’t many things other than good where the Checkers are concerned these days.

  • With training camp just around the corner, our fantastic core of athletes are slowly trickling in, one by one, back to North Carolina and pre-camp training in Raleigh (Formerly known as Camp Brind’a mour).  I really like that Chip Alexander of Raleigh’s News & Observer referred to it as Camp Rosey though, since my Hurricanes favorite Chad LaRose is taking a leading role in it. Carolyn Christians of Canes Country also has been following camp closely, and wrote a great piece yesterday.  Justin Faulk, Zac Dalpe and Jon Matsumoto were all in attendance yesterday, with more scheduled to join in the fun today.
  • The Checkers made a huge front office signing this week in the acquisition of Paul Branecky.  Like myself, he survived a Charlotte-Mecklenburg high school and lived to tell about it, and should be commended for this.  His career stats include one season in the ECHL with the Charlotte Checkers as an intern, and many seasons at the NHL level with the Carolina Hurricanes.  While with the Hurricanes, he served as the Senior Writer and Digital Media Producer.  He did GREAT things for the Canes website, and kept fans updated with regular blogs.  He’s definitely someone all Checkers fans should follow on Twitter @Paul Branecky.   The addition of Branecky might make me stop complaining about the lack of print news coverage of the Checkers in Charlotte, as his coverage in Raleigh of the Canes was far superior to anything I’ve seen locally in print!  Welcome to the Checkers family, Paul!
  • The Hurricanes released their training camp schedule this week.  Chasing Checkers is planning to venture to Raleigh for both pre-season games, and other camp activities as scheduling allows!
  • The Hurricanes also released the Traverse City Rookie Tournament roster.  Names worth noting as past, present and future Checkers include:  Justin Faulk, Jared Staal, Justin Shugg, Justin Krueger, Rasmus Rissanen, Brody Sutter and Mattias Lindstrom.
  • On the blog front, I’m in the process of adding a few stringers for the upcoming season.  With my work and school schedule being a bit crazy, and a 100 page thesis looming above my head, I want to continue to maintain the same quality features around here, so adding talented writers is the best way to do that!  More details in the coming weeks, but if you are interested in contributing as well, drop me a line at Chasingthecheckers@gmail.com
And a final shameless plug… Vote for Chasing Checkers at the CBS Charlotte’s Most Valuable Blogger competition!  You can vote once a day, and it only takes a click!


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