The one about Summer fading into Fall

Ahh, offseason.  I’m becoming quite tired of your lack of excitingness (I know, it’s not a word, but it best fit how I am feeling!)

In Checkers news, well…. there haven’t been any new signings this week.  I still believe they need to sign a veteran defenseman, and both of my top candidates have been stolen away by St. Louis and a KHL team, so I’m kind of at a loss as to who I want to see in a Checkers sweater this fall… really, I just want it to be someone with a few more years under their belt than our current blue line core has!

There are 39 days until we have a game in Charlotte!  September 25 is going to be a fun day for hockey fans, with an NHL game in our home arena, and I’m hearing lots of cool fan activities pre-game downtown as well.  I’d post a countdown for opening night, but selfishly, since I can’t be there, that night doesn’t exist.  I still can’t believe the Checkers have to compete with a NASCAR Chase race here in Charlotte on their opening night.  The AHL had no business scheduling a game with such a major sporting event in town, but what’s done is done!  (For the record, I’m also equally upset with my employer for scheduling a ballet performance on October 15 as well…. because I’m sure a lot of hockey fans would have loved to see the ballet instead of opening night…. ok, maybe not, but I can name a lot of dancers and dance company staff who would much prefer a hockey game, even if it is the ballet that signs our paychecks!)

The good news is that the AHL has said they will release the 2011/12 schedule TOMORROW at 4 p.m.  I’m sure after it all soaks in, and I can make my own tentative plans regarding possible roadtrips, etc., I will have something up here with my own personal analysis of the schedule as it relates to Checkers fans.  Last year, they didn’t release the schedule until late August, so I’m happy it will be on August 18!

My “Get to know” series has reached completion.  It was a lot of fun for me to interview our future division rivals (with the added bonus of Oklahoma City bloggers, since the Checkers play them eight times).  In case you missed one of the installments, here are links to the “Get to know” articles:

Chicago Wolves

Milwaukee Admirals

Oklahoma City Barons

Peoria Riverman

Rockford IceHogs


I’m on vacation this week at the beach.  I brought a couple of Checkers coozies down with me so I could enjoy frosty cold adult beverages and still support my team.  Summer is winding down, with real-life responsibilities just around the corner.  After a four-year hiatus from the University, I’m returning to UNCC next week to complete my graduate degree.  By May of 2012, I SHOULD have a Master’s, pending a lot of red tape, one class, and of course a riveting thesis that I’m sure all of my readers will want to see.  I fear this grad school thing is going to cost me a number of games this fall, but in the end, it will be worth it.  I’m going to say this now though:  If the Checkers have a playoff game the same day/evening of graduation exercises, I’ll be at the game.  Maybe I’ll wear my funny hood and robe instead of a jersey!

Lets Go Checkers!


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