Quick Hits – Movie sets, player departures and more

Is it October yet?

Summer has been flying for me between traveling and working on a movie set, but with the 100 degree weather we’ve been having lately, there is nothing I’d like more than to be sitting on the ice at the arena watching the Checkers play!  The good news is, we’re down to 56 days until the Hurricanes play the Winnipeg Jets in Charlotte.  That’s less than two months!

Also, I know the production assistants on the movie were just trying to be helpful, but isn’t the orange paper sign a bit redundant?  These things are all over my work.  I was surprised there wasn’t one labeling the restrooms (which are already clearly labeled).  My favorite are the big yellow ones that say SET all over the stage… because, you know, it’s easily confused with the restrooms…

Anyway, back to Hockey.

All is quiet on the Checkers contract front.  Last year, the first Checkers signing was July 29, a one-year deal to new Washington Capital Jacob Micflikier.  The remainder of the AHL contracts (Brad Herauf, Elgin Reid, Ethan Graham, Bobby Goepfert, etc.), came in mid-August and later.  I’d expect more signings in the coming weeks to fill AHL roster holes.  We saw the first a couple of weeks ago with the signing of John Muse.

Things have been slow on the Checkers news front…. but here are a few things worth noting:

  • On the goalie front, two of the 2010/11 Goaltenders have signed deals with new teams.  Justin Pogge signed a one-year, two-way contract with the Phoenix Coyotes.  Since he is the sixth goaltender the Coyotes have under contract, one would assume he was signed for minor-league duty in Portland.
  • Goepardy expert Bobby Goepfert has signed in Germany with the DEG Metro Stars.  It’s a team in Dusseldorf.  His sense of humor and intermission commentary on the radio with Shaya will be missed!
  • Zac Dalpe is participating in a very cool camp as a part of the NHLPA.  It’s called the Allstate All-Canadians Camp.  Other NHLPA representatives include Hurricanes Jeff Skinner and Tim Brent, plus NHL present and future greats such as Jason Spezza, Steve Staios, Luke and Braden Schenn, and many others.  Camp participants are 42 Bantam aged (15 year old) youth who were selected from all across Canada.

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