Quick Hits – More realignment news, Canes signings and Checkers losses, and a plea for Terry for Captain!

A few thoughts a day after the big realignment announcement was made:

  • I did some quick hypothetical plane ticket buying research.  The average price of a flight to Chicago is only $238.  Average price of a roundtrip flight to Harrisburg, PA (for a Hershey/WBS/Binghamton roadtrip) was $348.
  • You’d drive 488 miles between Chicago and the other Midwest cities in a big loop from Chicago, to Milwaukee, Rockford, Peoria, then back to Chicago.
  • You’d drive 602 miles from Harrisburg/Hershey to Wilkes-Barre, Binghamton, Albany and back to Harrisburg.  (Putting Norfolk in the mix made the trip closer to 1000 miles)
  • If you were to drive to Chicago and hit every city in a Midwest division roadtrip, you’d drive 1864 miles.  An East division roadtrip (to Norfolk, Hershey, Binghamton, and Wilkes-Barre) is nearly 1473 miles, and lots of back roads.  Chicago is interstate the whole way!
  • I found another midwest division blog last night for the Peoria Rivermen.  Check it out!  http://rivermenblog.wordpress.com/  Three of the five teams in our division have fan run blogs, which I think is pretty great.  I plan to do a quick review of our new division rivals soon, and will post it here at Chasing Checkers.
Checkers Quick HIts:
  • The Charlotte Observer did a piece on the move west, highlighting the travel situation and how it won’t change much for the Checkers.  It will even be shorter flights for the team by flying to Chicago or Milwaukee on direct flights.  (I’m sure Bobby Goepfert will be happy to hear that!  Less puddle jumper planelets and non-direct flights!)
  • The Hurricanes made a big trade yesterday, sending Joe Corvo to the reigning Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins in exchange for a fourth round pick.  I must admit, I didn’t follow the deal too closely, but a fourth round pick seems like a pretty unequal swap, unless the Hurricanes were desperate to dump some salary.  They also signed UFA Defenseman Tomas Kaberle to a three-year deal.  We’ll see how it pans out for the Canes… they have veteran Defensemen now in Raleigh, I’m just not sold they are the right veterans for the job.  But this is why I am a Checkers fan first, and only follow the Hurricanes from a very outside perspective!
  • Former Checkers captain Bryan Rodney signed a one-year deal with Anaheim.  I will miss his veteran leadership.  He was a great inaugural captain, and spent time in Raleigh during parts of the past three seasons.  His experience will be missed, and he leaves a huge void on the blue line as far as veteran leadership is concerned.  Sometimes I wonder if Corey Perry, 2011 Hart Trophy winner and Rocket Richard winner has an influence on his team signing his former teammates from the London Knights.  Last summer, Danny Syvret, the Captain of the Knights when Perry, Rodney and Syvret won the Memorial Cup in 2005, signed a deal with Anaheim as well.
  •  I can’t decide if signs, posters, a letter-writing campaign or a written petition are my best bet to begin the “Chris Terry for 2011 Captain” campaign.  He’s a former winner for his leadership in Plymouth, where he was team captain and the inaugural winner of the Mickey Renaud Trophy for the Captain of the Year in the OHL.

4 thoughts on “Quick Hits – More realignment news, Canes signings and Checkers losses, and a plea for Terry for Captain!

    1. Led +/- on the negative side, turnovers, never clearing the crease and I would say he hit like a girl but I think girls hit harder. Other than that, he was a great player and leader.

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