The one about updated contracts, as of 7/4/11

About a month ago, I posted a number of spreadsheets that listed Checkers players under contract for next season, and those who still need to be re-signed.  Here’s an updated list, and a bit of analysis.  There are still a lot of key signings that need to be made, but I have a lot of confidence in a Checkers squad next season that includes these guys.  It will be great to look to the veteran leadership of guys like Nicolas Blanchard and Chris Terry, and new talent like Justin Faulk and Justin Shugg.  (Just a note, the Checkers could have as many as five Justin’s on the team next season… and we thought we had a Zac(k/h) problem last season!)

A few notes:  While I list Zach Boychuck, Drayson Bowman Jerome Samson and Zac Dalpe on these lists, it is unlikely that all three will return to Charlotte in the fall.  Dalpe is probably the front runner for getting  a spot with the Hurricanes, but Bowman and Boychuck are also contenders.

According to CapGeek,  the Hurricanes have 10 forwards under contract (not including Samson, Dalpe, Bowman and Boychuck), with negotiations ongoing with RFA Brandon Sutter, who will most certainly be re-signed by the end of the month.

The Hurricanes have six defenseman under contract, plus RFA Derek Joslin who received a qualifying offer, but has not signed yet.  The Hurricanes picked up defenseman Ryan Murphy in the first round of the 2011 draft, but unless he has an incredible camp, I would expect him to return to the OHL for another season with the Kitchener Rangers.

So, without further adieu, here are the Charlotte Checkers contracts for 2011 and beyond:

Under contract 2011/12:

As mentioned earlier, one or more of these players will most likely start the season in Raleigh with the Hurricanes.  Frontrunners include Dalpe, Bowman, Boychuck and Samson.

There are four defensemen signed and willing to play in the AHL.  (Kruegar and Kivisto are maybes based on their European Transfer agreements).  Two additional D-men are RFAs and have received qualifying offers from the Hurricanes (Bellemore and Sanguinetti).  I hope that a guy like Casey Borer or Bryan Rodney returns to fill the veteran presence we need to help our young core of prospects.

The Checkers have between 10-12 Forwards signed for 2011/12.  Variables include which Zac(h), Drayson or Samson makes the Hurricanes, and if a guy like Jared Staal is ready to play at the AHL level.

The Checkers have two goaltenders, but will need to sign a third to an AHL/ECHL contract.

Player Pos Contract Type Notes
Brett Bellemore D 2012-13 RFA Two-way NHL/AHL
Nicolas Blanchard F 2011-12 RFA
Drayson Bowman F 2011-12 RFA, EL
Zach Boychuck F 2011-12 RFA, EL
Zac Dalpe F 2012-13 RFA, EL
Justin Faulk D 2013-14 RFA, EL
Michal Jordan D 2012-13 RFA, EL
Tommi Kivisto D 2013-14 RFA, EL *Has European transfer clause.  If not in NHL, can play in Finland in 11/12
Justin Kruegar D 2011-12 RFA, EL *Played in Germany in 10/11
Kyle Lawson D 2011-12 RFA, EL
Mattias Lindstrom F 2013-14 RFA, EL *Has European transfer clause.  If not in NHL, can play in Sweden in 11/12
Jon Matsumoto F 2011-12 RFA
Cedric McNicoll F 2011-12 RFA, EL
Mike Murphy G 2011-12 RFA, EL
Riley Nash F 2012-13 RFA, EL
Justin Peters G 2011-12 RFA *Played in NHL in 10/11, Hurricanes indicate he will play in Charlotte 11/12
Mat Pistilli F 2011-12 RFA, EL
Rasmus Rissanen D 2013-14 RFA, EL
Justin Shugg F 2013-14 RFA, EL
Jerome Samson F 2011-12 RFA Spent half of 10/11 in Raleigh, may return to CLT
Justin Soryal F 2011-12 RFA Newly signed, spent past 3 seasons in Rangers AHL organization
Jared Staal F 2012-13 RFA, EL
Chris Terry F 2011-12 RFA, EL

Not yet under contract for 2011/12:

The RFA’s listed below  (Sutter, Sanguinetti) have all been given qualifying offers.  They will likely be signed by the end of the month, unless the players elect to go to arbitration.  The UFA’s could be picked up by any team, but my personal hope is most return to the Hurricanes organization.

Player Pos Contract Type Notes
Bobby Sanguinetti D 2010-11 RFA, EL
Zack Fitzgerald D 2010-11 UFA
Nick Dodge F 2010-11 UFA
Brett Sutter F 2010-11 RFA
Casey Borer D 2010-11 UFA

Players who will not return in 20111/12 as Charlotte Checkers:

 Player Pos Contract Type Notes
Justin Pogge G 2010-11 UFA *Hurricanes have indicated will not re-sign
Oskar Osala F 2010-11 RFA, EL *Signed with KHL club Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk, Canes still own NHL “rights” as RFA
Bryan Rodney D 2010-11 UFA *Signed one-year deal with Anaheim Ducks

Players who were under contract with the Checkers last season on AHL/ECHL two-way contracts, but have not yet been re-signed:

Player Pos Contract Type Notes
Matt Beca F 2010-11 AHL-Checkers Two way AHL/ECHL 8/12/10
Bobby Goepfert G 2010-11 AHL-Checkers Two way AHL/ECHL 8/3/10
Ethan Graham D 2010-11 AHL-Checkers Two way AHL/ECHL 8/24/10
Brad Herauf F 2010-11 AHL-Checkers One way AHL 8/27/10
Mike McKenzie F 2010-11 AHL-Checkers Two way AHL/ECHL 8/3/10
Jacob Micflikier F 2010-11 AHL-Checkers One way AHL 7/29/10
Elgin Reid D 2010-11 AHL-Checkers Two way AHL/ECHL 8/11/10

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