The one about another Sutter in the Hurricanes organization

In draft news, the Hurricanes picked up a Swede, a Swiss, an American, and a couple of Canadians.  (Ryan Murphy, the Hurricanes first-round pick and Kitchener Ranger teammate of Jeff Skinner is on Twitter, follow him).

Brody Sutter, the Hurricanes seventh-round pick, could make the Checkers squad in September.  While many draft picks are too young to play in the AHL their first season after the draft, Brody turns 20 in September, making him AHL eligible.

Like members of the Staal family that the Hurricanes like to collect, Brody becomes the third Sutter to join the Hurricanes organization.  Brody is another cousin of Brandon and Brett Sutter.  The three Hurricanes/Hurricanes prospects are sons of different brothers, but grandsons of the same grandmother.  They come from a huge hockey family in Alberta.  Six of the seven sons in the family had successful NHL careers, and all six continue to have successful management careers with NHL teams as coaches, GM’s and scouts.  Brody’s dad, Duane, won four-straight Stanley cups as a member of the New York Islanders in the 1980’s.



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