The one about contracts for 2011/12

This is going to be a lot of data… with the Checkers season over, and free agency a month a way, I wanted to compile a list of all of the contracts, their terms, and any pertinent details I could find on them.  The biggest mystery list is of course the list of guys who need new contracts, including Checkers captain Bryan Rodney, who is an Unrestricted Free Agent this summer.  I hope to see Rodney return, because I liked the type of veteran leadership he provided.  Zack Fitzgerald is another interesting person to watch as far as negotiations are concerned.  While I like Fitzgerald a lot, and he is clearly a fan favorite in Charlotte, he is not the type of player who I could see in the NHL Hurricanes system.  He still lacks control when it comes to emotions/physicality, and with such a deep core of defensive prospects (Faulk, Jordan, etc.) he’s pretty far down the depth chart from Raleigh.

A couple of thoughts before I start my lists… the vast majority of the Checkers from last season were under contract with the Carolina Hurricanes, and therefore the Checkers have very little say in their contracts or negotiations.  Seven players last season were on AHL contracts directly with the Checkers, and these negotiations tend to happen later in the summer after the NHL rosters are more “complete.”  One can assume the Checkers will sign a goaltender, and others to complete the roster as they did this season, though as with the 10/11 Checkers contracts, some may never play a game in a Checkers jersey.

The NHL Restricted Free Agents can be extended a qualifying offer by their NHL club.  Based on their salary, their NHL club is required to offer them a minimum of a 5-10% raise.  If RFA’s are not extended an offer, they become Unrestricted Free Agents on July 1.   As qualifying offers are made to Hurricanes prospects/Checkers, I will update the blog with details.  I don’t have an exact dates that qualifying offers are due to players, but would assume June 26 as an approximate date.

2010/11 Charlotte Checkers under contract for next season (and beyond):

Note that many of these players will play with the Hurricanes in 2011/12.  For a full list of Hurricanes contracts, visit Capgeek.  The Hurricanes have a lot of unsigned players and positions for 2011/12, some of which will come from the Checkers pool, some from free agency, and some will simply be re-signed from current players.

Player Pos Contract Type Notes
Nicolas Blanchard F 2011-12 RFA  
Drayson Bowman F 2011-12 RFA, EL  
Zach Boychuck F 2011-12 RFA, EL  
Zac Dalpe F 2012-13 RFA, EL  
Justin Faulk D 2013-14 RFA, EL  
Michal Jordan D 2012-13 RFA, EL  
Tommi Kivisto D 2013-14 RFA, EL *Has European transfer clause.  If not in NHL, will play in Finland in 11/12
Justin Kruegar D 2011-12 RFA, EL *Played in Germany in 10/11
Kyle Lawson D 2011-12 RFA, EL  
Mattias Lindstrom F 2013-14 RFA, EL *Has European transfer clause.  If not in NHL, will play in Sweden in 11/12
Jon Matsumoto F 2011-12 RFA  
Cedric McNicoll F 2011-12 RFA, EL  
Mike Murphy G 2011-12 RFA, EL  
Riley Nash F 2012-13 RFA, EL  
Justin Peters G 2011-12 RFA *Played in NHL in 10/11, Hurricanes indicate he will play in Charlotte 11/12
Mat Pistilli F 2011-12 RFA, EL  
Rasmus Rissanen D 2013-14 RFA, EL  
Justin Shugg F 2013-14 RFA, EL  
Jared Staal F 2012-13 RFA, EL  
Chris Terry F 2011-12 RFA, EL  

2010/11 Charlotte Checkers NOT under contract in 2011/12 and beyond:

This is an interesting list…. a few RFAs, but some UFAs as well.  RFA’s are typically less of a risk to re-sign, and can be done more cheaply, however when you look at the trio of Sanguinetti, Borer and Fitzgerald, all three spent time as healthy scratches during the playoffs.  Based on that fact, I’d be surprised if all are re-signed.  Sanguinetti probably has the most value to the Hurricanes (and he was recovering from an injury, even into the playoffs, and they still see him as a future Hurricane), but what the big club decides is clearly out of my realm of understanding.  

Player Pos Contract Type Notes
Bobby Sanguinetti D 2010-11 RFA, EL
Brett Bellemore D 2010-11 RFA, EL
Bryan Rodney D 2010-11 UFA
Zack Fitzgerald D 2010-11 UFA
Nick Dodge D 2010-11 UFA
Brett Sutter F 2010-11 RFA
Casey Borer D 2010-11 UFA

2010/11 Charlotte Checkers who are not scheduled to return in 2011/12:

Player Pos Contract Type Notes
Justin Pogge G 2010-11 UFA *Hurricanes have indicated will not re-sign
Oskar Osala F 2010-11 RFA, EL *Signed with KHL club Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk, Canes still own NHL “rights” as RFA

2010/11 Charlotte Checkers with AHL Contracts (not Hurricanes “property”):

This is an interesting list of Checkers-only players.  Jacob Micflikier was the highest-scoring player in the entire league not under contract with an NHL team.  He was a huge asset to the Checkers this year, but this stat makes him a valuable player to any team in the AHL, or just as likely, to an NHL squad.  Mike McKenzie is another player I hope to see return in 2011/12 with a bigger role.  Last season, he was the only Checker with an AHL-only contract invited to Hurricanes training camp.

Player Pos Contract Type Notes
Matt Beca F 2010-11 AHL-Checkers Two way AHL/ECHL 8/12/10
Bobby Goepfert G 2010-11 AHL-Checkers Two way AHL/ECHL 8/3/10
Ethan Graham D 2010-11 AHL-Checkers Two way AHL/ECHL 8/24/10
Brad Herauf F 2010-11 AHL-Checkers One way AHL 8/27/10
Mike McKenzie F 2010-11 AHL-Checkers Two way AHL/ECHL 8/3/10
Jacob Micflikier F 2010-11 AHL-Checkers One way AHL 7/29/10
Elgin Reid D 2010-11 AHL-Checkers Two way AHL/ECHL 8/11/10

5 thoughts on “The one about contracts for 2011/12

  1. It will be interesting to see who will be coming back to the Checkers in 11-12. I see a lot of missing names there. What of Sutter, Dodge, Borer, Bellemore, Sanguinetti, and Pogge. All UFA’s like Rodney and Fitz?

  2. I have no idea how it happened, but two of my spreadsheets were missing from the post…. the one listing guys without contracts for next year (Sutter, Dodge, Borer, Bellemore, Sanguinetti) and the list of guys not planning to return (Pogge).

    But they are there now! I think of your list, I MOST hope that Sutter returns. He proved himself to be a HUGE asset to the Checkers, and is a guy I could definitely see the Hurricans using. I also really like Bellemore a lot, and as an RFA with an entry level deal, he’ll be a very inexpensive re-signing.

  3. Sutter totally seems like someone we (the Canes as a whole) would like to develop and be able to bring up. I know he played at least one game up in Raleigh last year.

    Contracts make me squirmy.

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