The one about losing in game three

OK, I’m not gonna lie, I feel this crazy pressure right now to write a great, concise post-game wrap-up like the one @nafsnep did when I was in Chicago.  But the bottom line is Jason and I are very different writers, and I could never do what he does… but I can knock the socks of a social/cultural commentary piece! 

Thoughts about the game:

  • Mike Murphy was outstanding in the first period.  The only goal he allowed was unstoppable, especially considering he had no help from his teammates.
  • Midway through the first, after an especially stressful few minutes where he was hammered with shot after shot, he mysteriously lost his mask… it looked a bit shady to me, but a goalie has to do what a goalie has to do!  Whatever it takes…
  • I flipped back and forth between Jason Shaya’s call for Charlotte, and the Binghamton radio guys, mostly sticking with the Bingo feed.  It’s just nice to have a color guy in addition to the play by play once in awhile.  I listened to Shaya at intermission though!
  • Charlotte needs to learn to play with more discipline!  They get so frantic, and make terrible plays as a result.
  • Where the heck was our defense tonight?  Mike Murphy was hung out to dry time and time again.
  • It’s obvious that Charlotte is playing hurt right now.  VERY hurt.  I’d been speculating on injuries to a few of our guys, and this just cements it.  Drayson Bowman left the ice tonight with a trainer, Casey Borer didn’t play (and it’s rumored to be injury-related), we know about Zac Dalpe’s problems, and there are a couple others I suspect as well.
  • This is NOT how you win playoff games.  Charlotte is SO MUCH BETTER than they played.
  • While I realize Murphy allowed a lot of goals, it was NOT his play that lost the game.  It was the lack of defense from the five guys in front of him that let the Checkers lose.  Some of the shots he stopped should have been unstoppable, but he is just THAT GOOD at reading plays and angles that he was able to make a number of amazing saves.
  • Justin Pogge looks out of practice and out of shape.  I know he came in cold, but even at PRACTICE when he’s properly warmed up, he hasn’t looked good lately.  In his nearly nine minutes of play tonight, he only made one save, and allowed two pretty soft goals.  Again, I totally understand he went in cold, but still.
  • I do NOT believe Justin Pogge should get the start tomorrow.  Mike Murphy is our guy, and the one I have the most faith in.
  • Binghamton has WAY better camera operators than Charlotte.  This game was a pleasure to watch, except for the score… Charlotte games are these zoom in/zoom out things that make me dizzy when I watch.
So… that is all I have to say.  I’m sorry readers, this is a terrible wrap-up, but I’m too emotionally invested in this series, and I refuse to dwell on the negative, to which there was a lot tonight.  I’m not going to give up.  This is our team, Charlotte.  Right now, they need us the most.  We can do this.  I believe in the team, I believe in the fans.
Lets Go Checkers!

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