Quick Hits – Game three vs. Binghamton Senators

My brother got his Master's degree this weekend. He also kept his playoff beard, unlike some people I know who shaved for their graduations!

I’m back in the land of Checkers Hockey, but feel like it’s going to take me days to fully recover from my “vacation” and lack of contact with the team and their playoff run.  Being at my brother’s graduation with friends and family in Iowa and Chicago made it impossible for me to watch the games.  We were always on the go so I couldn’t even try to catch up and watch them archived on AHL live, so alas, there is not much I can say about the first two games, or why the end result was what it was.  I’m just going to start fresh, beginning with game three, which is of course tonight in Binghamton, NY.

Fast Facts about the game:

The good news, and ONLY the good news (positive energy is my playoff mantra!!!)

  • Charlotte has not lost more than two games in a row since October. (Credit goes to Mike Lappan for this stat!)
  • MANY MANY teams have come back from being 0-2 to win a playoff series.  Wilkes-Barre/Scranton did it in the first round against Norfolk.  The Boston Bruins beat the Montreal Canadiens in the first round of the NHL playoffs this year after being down 0-2, just to name a couple.
  • Binghamton has a terrible record at home, going 2-4 in the playoffs, while Charlotte is 4-2 on the road.
  • A number of Checkers super fans will be in Binghamton tonight!  Fitzy’s Posse and others will be there loud and proud, cheering for our team!  I’ve even heard there will be WBS Penguins fans wearing Checkers gear, and folks from Albany on hand to cheer on the Checkers.  Get a LETS GO CHECKERS chant going for us! (I’ll join in from my living room!)


  • Time Warner Cable will carry the game at 7 p.m. on channel 520 (519 in Raleigh, or so I’m told!)  I want to watch the game at a bar with friends, but haven’t heard of any viewing parties.  I’m totally up for joining others if there is a place we can go!
  • Charlotte is 0-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals
  • Mike Murphy has started both games (though he did not finish game one), and as he was the first off the ice in Binghamton this morning, Murphy will most likely start in goal for game three.
  • Murphy’s playoff record is 7-5 (2.25 GAA, .929 SV%), and is 0-2 against Binghamton in the playoffs (5.43 GAA, .826 SV%).
  • Jon Matsumoto, who didn’t play in game two, was on the ice this morning
  • According to Jim Rutherford, Zac Dalpe is playing hurt, but is expected to play tonight.
  • Robin Lehner is expected to start in goal.  Lehner has started the past 11 games, and has a record of 8-2 in the playoffs (2.54 GAA, .927 SV%).  In his 1.33 games against Charlotte this round, he is 1-0 (2.25 GAA, .936 SV%).
  • Patrick Wiercioch is expected to play for the Senators.  Wiercioch, a rookie defenseman for the sens had one point in all 11 of the previous playoff games, and was a +3.   He had missed the past four games due to injury.
That’s all for playoff updates for tonight.   I’ll be watching the game, start to finish, in my living room with a few North Carolina beers (we tend to win more when I drink good Carolina beers, and of course I’ll be wearing my Chris Terry jersey, as I have since I got it in the second round). I’m also going to listen to a 45 minute long audio clip from Jim Rutherford later and put together my thoughts on what his comments may mean to the Checkers (like losing Justin Pogge, and getting Justin Peters back from the Hurricanes, as they are looking for a veteran backup to support Cam Ward).  But until then…

3 thoughts on “Quick Hits – Game three vs. Binghamton Senators

  1. I wanted to shoot Rutherford for his comments on Dalpe. Ok…lemme rephrase. He had some AWESOME things to say about Dalps. But then the injury part…”JIM…he is STILL playing! No need to throw up a neon sign pointing it out! Ixnay on the injury talk! You know better!”

    Dammit Jim!

    1. I know! I mean, I could name a couple of other guys I’m pretty sure are playing hurt, too, but you don’t advertise it in hockey.

      And I think Jesus DEFINITELY approves of playoff beards, which is good since the bro graduated from Seminary to become a pastor!

  2. Oh and congrats to your brother. And good for him for keeping the beard. I do believe Jesus supports playoff beards. I mean have seen the guy? His beard is pretty impressive.

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