The one about the Live Blog

I never planned on ever live blogging, but why not, right?

  • The Anthem. OMG.  Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… and the waving of the little white wimpy pom pom?  Yikes.
  • We can’t get the video on AHLlive to work with the Charlotte’s audio.  I do NOT want to listen to the WBS announcer guys.  They are mean about my players!  (Like their parent team TV guys are about their opponents.)
  • Wow… Micflikier is a healthy scratch???  Not sure how I feel about that…. not because of Matt Pistilli being his replacement, just because I like Micflikier a lot and am not sure he’s the best option to be sitting, unless he’s hurt.
  • Equally surprised that Zack FitzGerald is playing.  Bobby Sanguinetti is not playing.
  • I learned today that cowbells are illegal at the Mohegan Sun arena in Wilkes-Barre.  The way my ears were ringing after last night, I’m not sure that’s a bad rule to have.
  • Every time the announcer says Wagner, I want to pronounce it “Vagner”, like the German composer.  It has more flair and charisma than Wagner.
  • We are going to switch to Charlotte radio during the intermissions so we don’t miss hearing the awesome Bobby Goepfert interviewed by Jason Shaya.
  • The WBS announcers have a man-crush on Justin Faulk.  They just called him the “Good Looking Rookie.”
  • Corey Potter’s a douche. (Or so says my asst. live-blogger)
  • Eight minutes in, SOG are equal with six each.
  • I already miss Wilson, and we aren’t even half way through the first period.
  • Game seven will NOT be necessary.  Just sayin.
  • Clarkson to the box.  Nick Dodge is a bad, bad boy.  😦
  • Tux has creepy hands.
  • Nicolas Blanchard is SPEEDY FAST, and we like it!
  • Peterson to the box!  Turnovers, dropped sticks and holding, OH MY!
  • Please please please mind your manners, Fitzy!  No dumb penalties!
  • BOARDING.  That had better be a boarding call.  You just shoved Riley Nash’s face into the wall, you jerk!
  • Refs making calls from center ice.  Welcome to the refs from the past three games, Wilkes-Barre
  • I have a nice wedge of aged cheddar if the Pens announcers would like some cheese to go with their wine.
  • The announcers just referred to Brad Thiessen as the Holy Mother Mary…. if Carey Price is Jesus, is Thiessen his mom?
  • I hear cowbells.  I hate cowbells.  Make the cowbells stop.
  • That little tap by Blanch on Thiessen’s glove was TAME compared to what I’ve seen the Pens do to Mike Murphy during the past week.
  • DAMN IT FITZY!  We do NOT need to be taking high sticking penalties tonight!
  • MURPHY MURPHY MURPHY MURPHY (that’s our chanting from Concord, North Carolina)
  • I just flipped off the Pens as they walked to the dressing room, then reminded myself it was only good vibes.
  • Our mascot has big teeth.  What does a Penguin have other than big gloves?
  • Thank goodness, we finally were able to get the Charlotte audio to work.  Jason Shaya it is for periods two and three!  Lets Go Checkers!
Second Period
  • Charlotte actually has more SOG than WBS.  15-13, no score.
  • Bowman, Dodge and Blanchard – weird line!
  • I’m so glad that Jason Shaya is by himself in the broadcast booth.  He calls a MUCH better game when he’s all alone and not distracted by a color guy.
  • That was Terryiffic!
  • WE JUST GOT A BUNCH OF REBOUNDS.  Too bad Brad Thiessen is RIDICULOUS and can stop anything and everything.  😦
  • I don’t think we know what to do on breakaways.
  • DAMN IT CHECKERS.  A Pens goal?  After Chris Terry failed to score a goal on a breakaway.
  • Stop taking dumb penalties, boys!  I love you, just not when you are in the box.
  • Uggh.  Stupid penalties.  Do it, Murphy!  You’re the man.
  • Just remember, FIVE unanswered goals in game five of the last series.  We’ve got this, Checkers!
  • Too many Pens on the ice!  Go to the box, poultry!
  • Seriously, Mormina (or Moronina, as I like to call him), there is no way that is legal.  Hugging like that = holding, or it should!
Third Period
  • I wish the Checkers had a dancing Chubby at intermission instead of… well… dancing cheerleaders…
  • Although, just like I refuse to do the Chicken Dance, I won’t dance the Chubby or the Penguin, either.
  • Screw the positive energy.  I HATE YOU PENGUINS.
  • STOP TALKING ABOUT GAME SEVEN, SHAYA!  We scored five in the third just last week!
  • Who the hell is Wally, and why did we just get a view of his world?
  • The live blog is not doing so well.. hard to type when amazingness is happening on my TV
  • My heart is racing.  I can hardly breathe.  I love this team.  3 minutes to go.  We scored 3 in 3:46 earlier, all we need is one.
Wrapping it up:
  • It feels better having scored four, after being down by three.
  • We have beaten the two toughest teams in the AHL east.  We can beat Bingo.
  • I’m kind of speechless and more in love with the Charlotte Checkers than ever before.
  • We bought champagne earlier today, and just enjoyed it.  For $7.99, Trader Joes champagne is pretty darn good.

2 thoughts on “The one about the Live Blog

  1. I have been meaning to write to say how much I have enjoyed your well-written blog. I always read the newspaper and team articles and save the best (your blog) for last. Your most recent one, about last night’s game actually brought tears to my eyes. What a comeback last night – it was so exciting. I was watching the game on my own on my computer with earphones, and the rest of the family weren’t too impressed with my screams in the third period during that amazing comeback. Keep up the good work with your wonderful blog and great writing. I look forward to reading about the third round!

    1. Thank you so much for the complements! It means a lot to have good feedback, and know that others out there are enjoying it.

      And yeah… last night’s game was UNREAL. I couldn’t believe what was happening before my eyes. So amazing. Our team is so amazing!

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