The one about Lets Go Checkers, and rallying together

So, I was beginning to feel as neurotic as a goalie, freaking out about superstitions, to the point that for a hot second, I actually worried that by not drinking North Carolina beer prior to the game last night, I hurt my team’s chances.  (I know, there is NO WAY that North Carolina beer makes a difference, although it is good beer…. I’d had Craggie’s Antebellum Ale prior to games three and four, but none until AFTER the game yesterday).  Anyway.  So I’m changing my outlook, and starting fresh.  I am not wearing the same things I wore to the three games this week, though I will don my Chris Terry jersey before puck drop because it only seems right to cheer for my team wearing one of my favorite player’s name and number.

From here on out, it’s not about superstitions and rituals.  It’s about what feels right, and what makes me feel good, but first and foremost, what is the most positive, and exudes the most positive energy.  No voo-doo dolls, or goalie sucks chants (because, I’ve said it a million times, Brad Thiessen doesn’t suck, as much as I wish he did!!!!).  No taunting fans of the other team who are only being trolls and begging for attention.  Only positive feelings from here on out!

The bottom line is, I believe in my head and my heart that the Checkers are the better team.  I believe they have everything it takes to win.  Obviously, the Penguins are a strong team.  They have one of the best netminders in the league, and some great, NHL caliber guys on their roster.  It’s going to be a fight to the finish, and with every ounce of my being, I want the Checkers to come out victorious, and I believe they can and they will.

So tonight, I’m watching the game with some of my favorite people and fellow Checkers fans.  We’re going to cheer for our team, and applaud them until the final buzzer.  If our voices could carry 600 miles, I’m sure Mike Murphy would be able to hear us chanting his name all the way in Wilkes-Barre.

This team means the world to me… more than I dreamed they would when I bought my season tickets a little over a year ago, shortly after it was announced Charlotte was getting an AHL franchise.  I believe in the Charlotte Checkers, and I believe they are going to win tonight.

Lets Go Checkers


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