The one about fan observations from last night

Mike Murphy guards the net in game 4. Photo Credit: Jenni Propst

Nobody ever said there was a rule against posting more than once in a day, right?  I have more thoughts, of the fan observation variety and just had to share them.

  • The night started off with a Penguins fan riding our zamboni.  Excuse me?  This is the CHECKERS HOUSE and we can’t have the enemy on our zamboni!
  • During the second intermission (I think?) Miss Sprint Cup rode the zamboni.  Although I do not condone the use of women as trophy figures (checkmates), I think Miss Sprint cup is an appropriate rider on the zamboni of a team named after a racing term!
  • I know Penguins fans disagree about the no-goal call in the first period, but I was sitting about 20 feet from the goal crease, and saw Murphy’s hand clearly covering the puck.  While the whistle did seem to take awhile to blow, it was under his glove and the ref was moving his hand towards his mouth when Pens players continued to swat, jab and poke at his glove with their hands and skates.  From the beginning of the game, Penguins were continuously crashing the net, swiping at his hands with their sticks, and just being big nuisances, when he’d clearly stopped the puck and frozen it beneath his glove.  Regardless of my opinion, Jonathan Bombulie has an interesting take on it all, with a lot more information.
  • My mom and dad LOVED the game.  I’m so glad I got to bring my parents to see my favorite team, in one of the most exciting games of the season.
  • Photo Credit: Jenni Propst

    Mom, who is not a fan of the Checkmates after seeing them three times this season,  was trying to be nice and told me she was VERY impressed that the Checkmates knew how to ice skate, and one of them was especially skilled while skating to pick up chuck-a-pucks.  Then another friend chimed in, not wanting to be outdone on the “lets say nice things about the cheerleaders” and said she was very happy the Checkmates didn’t dance during the second intermission.

  • We have our own version of Vancouver’s Green men!  The Red and Black men made their appearance last night, and I LOVED seeing it!  I was sad when security took them away from the penalty box, but am glad they came out to a game, and will be back on Friday.  I think anything and everything our fans can do to rally more support for the Checkers is a good thing!
  • Last night, I made another Honey Badger sign.  This is the second I’ve created, and both times, the team has won.  Do I need to make a third sign for tomorrow?
  • Each game, I get a little more superstitious.  I’m going to attend the pre-game skates again tomorrow morning, take some notes, blog about practice, and probably eat the same breakfast, and of course wear the same jersey at the game (which isn’t even a Checkers jersey, just a Checkers PLAYER, but I can’t mess with what works!).  Logically, I KNOW it doesn’t matter, as I am just a fan and crazy blogger, but I can’t risk it!  So… rituals and superstitions it is!
And 25 hours and counting until puck drops tomorrow….
Lets Go Checkers

2 thoughts on “The one about fan observations from last night

    1. I will agree and disagree with you. I probably mis-wrote “named after” racing. All historical evidence I have found and read about, and team sources have said that the name Checkers was chosen in 1960 because of racing’s rich history in Charlotte and the image of checkered flags, and that history’s blending with the hockey term of checking. So it’s both.

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