The one about game 2 loss

I didn’t listen to much of the game (last night was the final night of the season with the ballet, so I was busy busy!), but for the first couple of periods I was able to kind of follow via twitter, occasional radio updates and constantly refreshing the game sheet.  A few thoughts off the top of my head before I leave for three grueling days of work.

  • The Checkers lost 0-3.  WBS goaltender Brad Thiessen was a beast with the shutout.  There were some major attacks in the first period by the Checkers, and Thiessen stopped everything that came his way.
  • The Checkers played the same lineup from game one.  The Penguins scratched rookie Nick Peterson (he had a TERRIBLE game one, but I’ve heard he may have needed the night off for a personal family matter).  Ben Street was out and is day-to-day with an injury from game one, and they also benched Jesse Boulerice (who has more PIMs than most in the playoffs.)  New to the lineup since game one were Brian Lerg, Paul Thompson and Carl Sneep (who was a seventh D).
  • I hate this kind of hockey game.  Sounds like bad refs all the way around.  There were 22 minor penalties doled out.  TWENTY TWO.  This is NOT how you win playoff games!  Amazingly enough, even with that much time with both teams in the box, there were no power play goals for either team.
  • I’ve read that the Pens goal was to shake up the Checkers last night, and play “their kind of hockey.”  I get that, but the thing is, the pace they set during the parts of the game I listened to is exactly the way the Checkers like to play.  Fast paced and physical matchups work well for the Charlotte team.
  • On the Charlotte PIM front, two of our guys who end up the box the MOST (Nicolas Blanchard and Brad Herauf) didn’t go there in a game with 22 minors.  So clearly, we have the ability to rough it up in reserve still.
  • My heart stopped for a moment when Pens Ryan Craig his Chris Terry, who left the ice with the trainer, only to return a bit later and get run over by Tim Wallace.  As our leading goal-scorer, I’m not surprised Terry is being targeted.  I’m just glad he was back in the game, and seems ok.
  • From everything I’ve read, Mike Murphy had another fantastic game.  Even the WBS radio guys (who bothered me a bit… I realize, I’m listening as a Checkers fan, but is it really necessary to badmouth players and the opposition?  Sure, I get you are going to be homers, it’s your job, but don’t trash my team!) said that Murphy made some great saves on his back, side, and every position under the sun.
  • So yes, we lost, but it sounds like it was still a relatively evenly matched game.  I’m looking forward to home ice, and a few games in person this week.
  • I could write a lot more, but if I do, I’m going to be late for work, so signing off!
Lets Go Checkers!

2 thoughts on “The one about game 2 loss

  1. If you had listened to the Checkers broadcast, you might have been asking the announcer to be more of a homer. Shaya talked about what the Checkers will do when they are down two goals when the score was still 1-0. He counts shutouts before they happen. He get as excited for their goals as he does ours. So I’m ok with other teams’ radio guys doing their job correctly, i.e. talking trash etc.

    p.s.Anytime any team wants to trade broadcasters, I’m game.

    1. Yikes. You can’t do that, either! I usually like Shaya, except for when he has someone doing “color” with him, only because he gets distracted and kind of gossipy when a guy like Derek Wilkinson is there with him. When he’s on his own and just calling the game, I enjoy it.

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