The one about Quick Hits – Playoff Game 5

Just a few quick hits:

Hershey vs. Charlotte Thoughts:

Mike Murphy makes a save vs. the Hershey Bears
  •  After the Hurricanes beat writer Chip Alexander made some twitter comments about Sheldon Souray being very old and in need of a new career, I did some very quick math of the current rosters of Hershey vs. Charlotte.  I did all of the active players, not just the “Top 20”, and the average age of the Charlotte Checkers if only 23, whereas the average age of Hershey is almost 26.  That’s a pretty significant difference.  The Checkers don’t have any players older than 28, and the Bears have seven.  I’m not sure what this stat means, exactly, but it’s interesting never the less.  Hershey is clearly more experienced overall, I see a lot of fight, speed and grit in the much younger Checkers, and I hope it’s going to pay off.
  • Zac Dalpe now has three goals and three assists in the four games so far vs. Hershey.  Not too shabby!  He still makes me a bit nervous when he plays the point on the power play though, but if it gives him more scoring chances, I’ll take it!
  • One of the weirdest stat I’ve ever seen is that whoever has the least shots on goal in this series has won the game.  Game one:  C-26, H-31 : Charlotte Wins.  Game two: C-24, H-20 – Hershey wins.  Game three: C-30, H-21 – Hershey Wins.  Game four: C-24, H-27 – Charlotte wins.  By no means do I think we should keep shooting less to win, but I think this is a testament of taking your time and setting up shots and making good plays that take advantage of scoring opportunities and not just throwing the puck at the net and hoping something good comes out of it.  Sure, that may work at times in the regular season, but the playoffs are a different animal, and good opportunities are worth waiting for.
  • Coach Jeff Daniels hasn’t revealed who is starting in net tonight.
  • Goaltending stats for the series so far:
  • Justin Pogge – 2 starts – 1 win, 1 loss – 8 goals allowed on 51 shots – 4.08 GAA – 0.843 SV%
  • Mike Murphy – 2 starts – 1 win, 1 loss – 5 goals allowed on 60 shots – 2.92 GAA – 0.917 SV%
  • Braden Holtby – 4 starts – 2 wins, 2 losses – 12 goals allowed on 106 shots – 3.03 GAA – 0.887 SV%

And finally, about the blog, and the news media:

  • While I LOVE that the Checkers are FINALLY getting regular news media, I hate that the only reason we have it is because the Hurricanes are out of the playoffs, and the Raleigh News and Observer’s Chip Alexander is in Charlotte for the Checkers playoffs.  Why don’t we get this kind of coverage in the REGULAR season?  There have been FIVE articles in the Charlotte Observer in the past three days.  I’m not sure if there were five articles in the entire regular season, other than a one-paragraph game write up prior to this week.  With that in mind, what do we have to do in Charlotte to get the Checkers recognized SEASON long, and not just during the week the playoffs are in town?
  • Holy blog hits, batman!  I’m sure I’m the only one who pays attention to this (actually, I’m the only one who can see it, I think) but in the past week, this little blog has really started to take off.  It might be mostly Hershey fans checking it out, but it’s cool!  I can’t believe there are hundreds of people who actually want to read what I write every day, but I’ll take it!
  • I ordered an iPad about a month ago, and it arrived on Monday.  I decided to see what a WordPress blog looks like on it, and WOW, it makes Chasing Checkers look like I’m some awesome web designer, when really, I know enough HTML to make myself dangerous, but that’s about it.
  • I have a very special treat, readers… more guest bloggers!  I can’t be at the game tonight, so to give everyone a fair idea of what the game is all about, I’ve recruited some VERY special fans to write up their experience.  They pretty much have free reign, but I think it’s going to be awesome.  So be on the lookout for a special update from the one and only Fitzy’s Posse!
Make me proud tonight, Charlotte.  Cheer for the team, and have fun at the game.  Lets Go Checkers!

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