The one about the ride to Hershey, and inviting Bobby Goepfert to ride home with us.

So, Chasing Checkers is half-way to Hershey.  We made it safely and fortunately didn’t have to become tornado chasers, as we were able to avoid all of the storms that ravaged the Triad area.  We stopped for the night at a lovely Fairfield Marriott in Virginia.  The Teenybopper is quite vocal… about anything and everything.  She even recited most of the presidents of the U.S.A. (This discussion began after passing a sign for James Madison University, who according to The Teenybopper and her song, Madison was the fourth President.)

We also discussed epic signs seen at hockey games, including the countless prom offers requested by fans of Jeff Skinner.  The best sign of recent memory was actually one the Teenybopper is responsible for.  I don’t know about you, but I think Drayson Bowman should say yes!

We also decided that we should invite Bobby Goepfert to join us on the ride home.  We have a pretty sweet ride with a sunroof and leather seats.  The center back seat is empty, and would be the perfect place for a  slightly neurotic, germophobic fly-o-phobic goaltender to write a Twog about his adventure.  The Teenybopper will even serve him drinks from our cooler, which features a great selection of Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper and bottled water.  She will however, not be serving peanuts, pretzels or lecture him on exit-row safety.

The drive was nice, and and so was dinner  (we drove 20 minutes out of the way so we could go to an Outback Steakhouse, despite that the chief blogger here is a vegetarian, and then found another Outback was right across the street from our hotel…)  We followed the other AHL and NHL games on the schedule via Twitter.  We are all still in shock over the defeat of the Penguins by the Norfolk Admirals.  Our supersticious nature refuses to talk about what a second round match up for our team could mean if the Ads keep up their winning ways…. and we follow suit.

And now, it’s time to go to bed…. long day tomorrow, full of epic adventures and hockey in Pennsylvania!

Let’s Go Checkers!  BEAT THE BEARS!


One thought on “The one about the ride to Hershey, and inviting Bobby Goepfert to ride home with us.

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