The one about Justin Faulk and our current Roster

The Current Checkers roster looks like this:


  • G – Justin Pogge
  • G – Bobby Goepfert #
  • G – Mike Murphy *


  • D – Rasmus Rissanen #
  • D – Justin Faulk #
  • D – Zack Fitzgerald
  • D – Bobby Sanguinetti
  • D – Ethan Graham
  • D – Casey Borer
  • D – Michal Jordan
  • D – Bryan Rodney
  • D – Brett Bellemore


  • C – Nick Dodge
  • C – Jon Matsumoto
  • C – Zach Boychuck
  • C – Zac Dalpe
  • C – Brett Sutter
  • RW – Matthew Pistilli
  • LW – Jacob Micflikier
  • C – Zac Dalpe
  • C – Riley Nash
  • LW – Chris Terry
  • LW – Nicolas Blanchard
  • LW – Drayson Bowman
  • LW – Oscar Osala *
  • C – Brad Herauf


# – Rissanen and Faulk are eligible to play despite not being on the AHL Clear Day List.  Both joined the team after their NCAA/Junior seasons were over.  Goepfert is eligible to play for as long as Murphy is not, under the guidelines of the Clear Day list and players being unable to compete due to injury.

* – Murphy and Osala have been injured.  Murphy has been cleared to play, and has been skating with the team this week.  He’s still considered day to day.  Both players traveled with the team to Hershey, and are eligible to play on Sunday.

Cedric McNicoll, Mike McKenzie  and Jared Staal were left off of my roster, because they are not a part of the AHL Clear Day list, and to my knowledge, did not travel with the team to Hershey.  If there is an injury to any of the regular roster, they would be eligible to play.  McKenzie hasn’t played since his injury (he took a nasty elbow) in mid-March.  McNicoll was a beast in his final weeks of the season, scoring all kinds of points, and well, Mr. Staal has spent a great deal of time in the press box observing on-ice action.

With the signing of reigning NCAA Champion Justin Faulk yesterday, it will be interesting to see what kind of playing time he gets, if any.  He and Rissanen have a combined 1 AHL start, (and an NCAA title… I do love NCAA alum!), but pro hockey, especially playoff hockey, is MUCH different than major junior or NCAA.  If one of the Checkers blueline regulars can’t play, the team is going to have to pick between a veteran like Ethan Graham, and two young rookies in Rissanen and Faulk.  I believe the latter two are going to be a huge part of the future of the Checkers and the Canes organization, but to be honest, I like the way our D-corps is playing right now, and hate the idea of being forced into shaking it up some.  I was VERY relieved that Fitzy didn’t take any penalties on Friday.  While I love his passion, and fight, and his huge heart, sometimes I get frustrated when he takes an unnecessary minor penalty due to those positive qualities I just listed.  Of our Defense regulars, he’s the only one I could see being pulled out of the lineup right now in favor of one of our rookies.

Eastern Conference Playoff Notes:

It’s been a series of upsets so far… last night, Norfolk defeated Wilkes-Barre by a score of 2-1, and Binghampton upseat Manchester 4-3 in overtime, and of course our own Checkers beat Hershey on Thursday night.  Let’s keep this underdog streak going!

And now… I must get back to packing for the roadie to Hershey!  Lets Go Checkers!


2 thoughts on “The one about Justin Faulk and our current Roster

  1. You could see Fitzy being pulled, really? He’s the defenseman who has made the greatest strides towards being a complete player this season. Graham’s performance has been streaky (doesn’t look different from the Ethan we knew in the ECHL), so I’d give a rookie the nod over him.

    1. I wouldn’t consider Graham to be one of the Defense regulars though. He only plays when one of the six D we have game in and game out are injured, etc. So I still stand by my statement that of the six regulars (Rodney, Jordan, Bellemore, Sanguinetti, Fitzgerald and Borer), the one I could see sitting in favor of a rookie is Fitzy (or possibly Borer). Fitzgerald’s strengths don’t line up with playoff hockey like they do during the regular season. The Canes went through too much to sign Faulk to just let him sit during the playoffs. I really don’t want to mess with the chemistry we have, but it probably will happen.

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