GAME DAY and The one about Hershey Links…

GAME DAY GAME DAY GAME DAY!  I’m actually in Asheville, dropping off my dog at his grandparents house so they can watch him while I go to Hershey this weekend, and am heading to the Biltmore Estate later today to enjoy the spring flowers and sunshine.  In honor of the Checkers though, and game one vs. Hershey, I’m decked out in red and black… Checkers tshirt and handknit Checkers socks.  I have some gloves I knit, too, but I think it’s too warm for that!  My plan for this evening is to glue myself to my computer screen and follow the game there.  I’ve tried to explain that I can’t have dinner with my BFF, a cultured Opera singing diva, because I take my blogging seriously, and I MUST watch the game tonight.  I hope she understands.

And I’m rambling…. on with the actual Checkers content.



I designed a logo prototype for the blog… what do you think?





I love this video.  I especially love it when the announcer says “Justin Pogge has LOST HIS MIND!”

On a positive note, the other most famous temper-tantrum goalie I can recall is Tuukka Rask, who also lost his mind in the AHL one season.  He’s gone on to be a VERY successful netminder in Boston.  Unfortunately for him, Tim Thomas has been more successful this season, but I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of Mr. Rask in years to come.

Of course, at the opposite end of the spectrum is Mike Smith of the Lightning organization.  He had a temper tantrum that was somehow related to a concussion he was dealing with (and hiding from the team at that point), and he’s never really been the same sense.  I hope that Mr. Pogge’s temper will lead him to success in the long run, and not failure.


I’m making my list and checking it twice for the upcoming roadtrip to Hershey for game two on Sunday.  I’ve been trying to do research on tailgating, the arena in Hershey, how to get to Chocolatetown, etc.  The camera is packed, along with my Wilson bobblehead and a few gnomes who get to join us on the roadtrip.  Before I leave, I figured everyone here could share in my Hershey research.

THis ice cream maker, invented and made by Thomas Mills and Brother, is now housed at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.


Not completely related to the Hershey Bears, this is a picture of the ice cream maker my Great Great Grandfather Thomas Mills invented.  He also invented equipment and candy molds that the Hershey company used to make candy and chocolate in their early years (we’re talking 1800’s, early years!)  I can assure you, I hold NO loyalty to the Hershey product, and will not purchase or eat any chocolate during this playoff series.  (I encourage other Checkers fans to follow in this boycott!)  Also, I only plan to drink North Carolina beer (Highland Brewing Co. is my favorite, with Mother Earth and Craggie a close second and third).  I must support the hometown team at all costs!




Here’s a list of links to Hershey Bears bloggers, etc.

Useful Bears Links/Blogs:

Penn Live – Team Beat Writer

Sweetest Hockey on Earth Blog

Hershey Bears Hockey Blog

The Chocolate and White Blog


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