Chasing Checkers is hitting the ROAD!

This Sunday, I’m going to be in the fine town of Hershey, PA to watch the Checkers take on the Bears.  It’ll be my first AHL roadtrip, and I’m not going alone!  I hear Fitzy’s Posse will be making the trip, and I’ve got a few buddies along for the ride as well.


We will, of course, be blogging the entire trip through pictures and twitter updates.  There are even a few surprises in the works, some of which might require some work to have happen, but I have faith!


Want some interesting facts about my relationship to Hershey, PA?  A relative of mine (great great grandfather or uncle, not sure which) was an inventor, and sold a patent to a Mr. Hershey for a candy making machine in the late 1800’s.  He also invented an ice cream making machine, that can now be found in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.


Woo Playoffs!  Hershey or bust!


One thought on “Chasing Checkers is hitting the ROAD!

  1. You are correct…the name of the company was Thomas Mills and Brother….so it was your great great grandfather and his brother. I believe that Mr. Hershey paid for the patten in Hershey Stock.

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