Playoff bound!

By beating the Worcester Sharks tonight, the Charlotte Checkers clinched third seed, cementing a first-round matchup with the Hershey Bears, who last season swept the Albany River Rats in the first round.


Thanks to twitter, we’ve got a list of playoff dates.   All AHL playoff rounds are a best-of seven series.   Home games are of course in BOLD!

Game 1:  4/14 in Hershey

Game 2:  4/17 in Hershey

Game 3: 4/19 in Charlotte

Game 4: 4/20 in Charlotte

Game 5: 4/22 in Charlotte

Game 6: 4/24 in Hershey

Game 7: 4/25 in Hershey


Of course, every Checkers fan should be hoping there is no need for games 5-7, in the case that we SWEEP the Bears, but I have a feeling this is going to be a tight matchup with some hard fought games.


Let’s Go Checkers!!!!!


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