Quick Hits, and the one about life interfering…

First of all, because this makes me smile


Riley was nice enough to let me take his picture holding one of my beloved gnomes at last weekend’s post-game skate.  And it makes me smile a lot… they have matching hairstyles I think!








And now, a few quick hits:


  • The Checkers can clinch their spot in the playoffs if they get at least one point vs. the flightless birds tonight in Wilkes-Barre.  They can also clinch if Worcester loses, but I’d definitely prefer to clinch by WINNING!


  • I can’t decide if I want to cheer against Norfolk or against Hershey tonight.  A loss to Norfolk keeps them farther away from the Checkers who are currently in the third seed spot, and a loss to Hershey keeps them closer to the Checkers moving up to second.  I guess we should just hope for a regulation ending to that game, and no loser points being awarded.  Right now, Norfolk is two games behind Charlotte in the standings, so we need them to keep losing until they equal our games played so we can stay ahead of them in the points race.


  • Mike Murphy is still out with his concussion, and did not travel with the team to Wilkes-Barre and Albany this weekend.  Ten days is the minimum a player has to be sidelined with a concussion, and it’s now been over that.  Let’s hope he’s skating soon and back on the ice!




And now, something personal:

I don’t feel like I owe anyone an explanation, except I want to give one… but right now, my life is crazy.  I love this blog SO MUCH, and after two months of writing here at least 3-4 times a week, I might need to slow down for the next couple of weeks.  I haven’t had more than about 24 hours a week off from work for over two months (seriously…), and that doesn’t end until April 18.  I’ve missed most of the home games during that time as a result, and i’m stressed out and exhausted.  I don’t want to waste time and space writing fluffy space fillers, so if updates are fewer and farther between, I apologize in advance.   I don’t even get to be at the final game of the season, which is killing me.  I have bought my playoff tickets, and they are going to be WAY better than my el-cheapo five hole seats I had all season.  I deserve an upgrade, damn it!


Anyway, right now I just need some time to recover, to get my bearings, and deal with life (and the exciting things like getting my house refinanced, being in my best friend’s wedding, and making a living) before those all get away from me!


I have had a few guest bloggers already, so here is a plea for more.  If you want to write your gameday observations, I would LOVE to post them.  If you want to write an essay on why you love the Checkers, or who your favorite goaltender is, I would love to post it.


Thanks in advance…


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