The one about my gnome problem

A couple of weeks ago at the Checkers afterparty, the bartender described someone as looking like a gnome… it got me

Jovo and Friends with gnome-sized trophys (Habanero, Sioux and Snacks)

thinking (and I might have had a few beers by then, but I had to celebrate our fantastic win!) about my own personal gnome problem.

There, I said it.  I have a gnome problem.  Years ago, a friend and I were talking about gnomes, and how having a pocket-sized one would be convenient for spur of the moment photo ops… you know, for those times when you WISH there was a garden gnome present.  So I used my crafty knitting skills, and fashioned a pocket gnome.  His name is Jovo, and in his five years of existence, he’s been all over the world… Three Canadian provinces, all over the U.S.A., Ireland, Germany and Austria….  and of course, gnomes need friends, and my friends needed gnomes, so I have probably knit 30-40 of the little guys over the years.  Jovo has a LOT of friends, and they’ve had a lot of adventures.  He unfortunately hasn’t been to many Checkers games, but I might need to change that.  I have a friend who has taken her gnome Bing to meet most of the Pittsburgh Penguins players.  Checkers fan and resident teenybopper blogger Leah has taken her gnome, Turtle, to meet many Hurricanes players.

Jovo visits Melon Arena in Pittsburgh

Jovo has now visited 12 of the 30 NHL arenas (He was born in Montreal, so that is probably his favorite venue) but other favorites include Dallas, all three arenas in California and of course Phoenix, where he had his picture taken in the general vicinity of Wayne Gretzky.

Part of me thinks as a grown up, I should be ashamed of playing with toys, but frankly, I think my gnomes are kind of awesome, and they have gotten me a lot of fun attention over the years.  I should probably bring them to more Checkers games, or take them out of my purse where they usually live.  The gnomes love hockey, and have been known to bring luck to the game, so why mess with superstition when you’ve got it in your favor!


I wonder if I could think of a cool contest for the blog where the prize was your very own Charlotte Checkers themed gnome…. not that anyone would like one… but it’s worth considering, right?  Drop me a line at or post a comment here if you think this is something worth pursuing…

The Gnomes and Steeler Superbowl Rings
Jovo has been to close to half the tracks on the NASCAR circuit, and even Victory Lane in Richmond and Bristol
Alex Goligoski gets up close and personal with some pocket gnomes

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