Quick Hits for 3/23 pt. 2

Special shout out and thanks to @hayleyxfax on Twitter for a much better first-hand account of what went down at the game last night.  She has some great additions to my own meager observations, and I figured it deserved an entry of it’s own!  So excited people are taking me up on the offer to serve as “guest bloggers” -Chasing Checkers Editor-in-Chief (I gave myself that title…)


So without further adieu…


  • At the start of the game the Phantoms we’re controlling most of the action, but the Checkers were strong defensively and didn’t allow a shot on goal for quite a while. As soon as Mike McKenzie sailed the puck past Leighton the energy shifted to us.


  • The first Phantom goal was just a bad play by Justin Pogge. He moved way out of position when he knew he had oncoming pressure. He had a few more blunders traveling out of his crease last night, but stayed big and saved his own butt with some pretty sick toe and stick saves. He showed off his good glove saves quite a few times too. He didn’t have to make too many saves throughout the game, but in my opinion he looked outstanding most of the night and that was a huge relief to see after the way he’s been playing.


  • I’ve seen Bryan Rodney getting a little grief about his cross check and “cheap shot”. I don’t remember the Phantom player, but they were battling for the puck along the boards behind the net and Rodney cross checked him, no doubt. But there are complaints about a cross check to the head, which did not happen at all. It was to the players lower back, and from there some words were had between the two and Rodney popped him in the face.


  • Even though it seemed we were on the power play for the entire game the offensive zone rotations looked phenomenal. Quite a few times the defense would join the rush and we were just throwing pucks at the net, no doubt contributing to our offensive success.

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