The one about… quick hits?

In lieu of an actual entry with amazing, life-changing content (I can dream that this blog contains that, anyway!) a few “Quick Hits”

  • Last night saw the return of Bobby Sanguinetti who has been out since November when he had knee surgery.
  • Defenseman Nick Dodge also returned, who had been suffering from complications of his own hand surgery.
  • Michal Jordan also was back in the lineup after a couple of weeks of missing games after a pretty nasty hit to the head.
  • Mike McKenzie was returned to Charlotte from Florida in time for the game in Bridgeport
  • All four of the above players had a neutral +/- rating and each had at least one shot on goal.  The Checkers have not been shooting the puck nearly enough, and it’s good to see their returns contributed six shots
  • Jared Staal sat out for the…. well, I lost count… for yet another game since being reassigned to Charlotte by the Hurricanes.  I’m not sure what the rationale is for him being in Charlotte and not playing… at least he was getting ice time in Florida.
  • Two of my favorite Checkers, Chris Terry and Jacob Micflikier scored shootout goals to help Charlotte defeat Bridgeport.  Yay two points, and yay for a great game for Michael Murphy.
  • My favorite NCAA team is currently ranked number one.  University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux!  I may do a ranking of the NCAA teams based on their Checkers alumni (and there are a number of NCAA alum.. Clarkson, St. Lawrence, Cornell, Ohio State, and New Hampshire… hope I’m not missing any!)

That’s all folks.  Tune in on Friday night to hear the Checkers take on Bridgeport again at 7pm.  I must say, the quality of the webcasts has gotten better and better over the past months.  Jason Shaya is always top-notch, but it’s nice that the technical quality is starting to reach his level of excellence.


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