The one about revealing personal details.

First, I wanted to bring some attention to a comment my awesome Mom left to the last post I had here.

You are such a cultured daughter!! This post reminds me of touring the museum with you in England and standing in the area where the groundlings stand….and I know that Shakespeare is a favorite of yours….who else would have a Shakespeare decorated bathroom! It also reminds me of when you made the sign for your favorite Suns players 25th birthday … including glitter …and it landed you an interview with him for the Randolph Junior High newspaper. Can’t wait to enjoy hockey with you again!

Love, Mom (who really doesn’t appreciate the Checkmates)


Maybe I was destined to take part in pro sports, in some capacity anyway.  In middle school, at Charlotte’s own Randolph Junior High, like my mom mentioned,  I interviewed my favorite basketball player, Kevin Johnson, star point guard for the Phoenix Suns at the time.  Even then, I didn’t want to know about what his free throw percentage was, but instead asked him about the community outreach programs he was involved with in his hometown.  I guess I became interested in the cultural side of sports at a young age!  Johnson is currently the mayor of Sacramento, CA, and continues to involve himself with social outreach projects after he ended a very successful professional basketball career.

Life definitely took me in a different direction from the newspaper career I dreamed of briefly when I was 13 or 14 years old, or the dream I had in high school of becoming an athletic trainer (I even briefly interned with the Charlotte Knights, and by briefly I mean a couple of games…) but there was a lot of biology and science classes involved in that career path, and ultimately, I found I liked working in a more artistic field.  I think this blog is a great way for me to focus my sports geekiness and keep it fun for me and maybe my small interwebs following.

Having this blog has taken me out of my personal comfort zone, but I’ve really enjoyed it.  I’m not used to being in the spotlight, in any way, shape or form.  I stay backstage at work, wearing all black and hiding behind the curtains and out of the watchful eyes of audience members.  I don’t like to be in the limelight… I can be quite the introvert, even though I force myself to be out there as well.  In college, when they told me I had to take an acting class to graduate, I panicked.  I wanted to stay in the shadows, not to be in front of an audience!  With the blog, at first I thought I’d be anonymous, but that became harder to do, mostly because I’m not afraid to talk about embarrassing moments and such, so my identity is anything but a secret anymore.

I didn't take this picture, but if I ever visit, I'll stand next to it!

I’m finding that the longer I write in this forum, I am opening up more and revealing more things I thought would never be open for discussion.  I’m sharing a few personal details, and experiences, and feelings, some that are in theory embarrassing, but it’s all rather cathartic.    For example, a couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece that was pretty revealing in my absolute love former Hurricane Mike Commodore.  I even talked about almost driving to his hometown, just to have a picture of me and the “Welcome to Fort Saskatchewan” sign.

Maybe I should be ashamed of that kind of support for a player, but hey, he’s been my favorite for a long time, and I thought it was a funny story to share.   So just yesterday I got another comment, this one in reference to the Commodore post.  Comments are emailed to me, and when I read that the comment was from a player in Springfield thanking me for the support, I got a bit giddy… but I digress!!

So it’s a bit strange, telling unknown masses my opinions, and ideas, and theories.  Or sharing my own slightly embarrassing stories and antics, but it’s also fun.  Maybe it makes me more of a geek admitting that, but I really have enjoyed this blogging thing.  Hopefully it’s getting better and not worse, and it’s ok if you want to laugh at me, I do it all the time!



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