Even more reasons it’s exciting to be a Checkers fan

1.  Between February 18-26, the team had a record of 4-1-2. Seven games in nine days, and five of those were on the road.  AMAZING stats, and very reassuring considering we have so many road games in March.

2.  Our goaltenders rock! Mike Murphy started in four of those games, with a 3-0-1 record.  In a stretch of six days (four starts), he had two shutouts, the first two of his career, including a shutout in front of a record home crowd Saturday night.  To say he’s on fire might be an understatement, and as a fan, I couldn’t feel better about having him in net.  No goaltender for the Checkers had more than two starts in a row during the season up until this stretch, which seems to be a sign of confidence from the coaching staff.

Equally exciting is the reliable play of Justin Pogge when he’s called on.  The game last week at Norfolk comes to mind.  It was a nearly goalless game until the third period, when each team was able to score three goals.  It eventually went to a shootout, with Pogge taking the loss, his first in Norfolk all season.  While we didn’t get the two points we wanted, Pogge was incredible in net that night.  I think it’s safe to say at this point in the season, we have two goaltenders I have confidence in.

3. Thanks to my tax return, I was able to pay for my 2011-12 season tickets in full. Not only that, I’ve so far recruited two friends to join me with season tickets of their own, and a couple others considering it as well.  I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, the Checkers are hands down the best pro sports franchise in Charlotte, and the value can’t be beat.  My family has Panthers season tickets, and half the time, we can’t find anyone who wants to use them.  And they are great seats… right on the 50-yard line… uh… second row from the top… but it’s a great view up there, and nice and toasty on a September afternoon!  I think I prefer my lower bowl Checkers tickets any day.  I’m close to the ice and the action, which isn’t so bad since I’ve had time this year to knit fantastic fingerless gloves that match the team colors to keep my hands warm at the arena.  It’s the little things.

4.  Thanks to the teenybopper post, this blog had more hits than ever before on one day. SWEET!  That just means I’ll have to beg her to write more here, and I’ll have to poke and prod the others who’ve agreed to guest blog to work on their posts.  I’m serious, if you want to contribute, shoot me a line at chasingthecheckers@gmail.com .  It’s fun, I promise!


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